Purely Maternity: Ransons

I don’t often shoot maternity sessions but after working this session I am *in LOVE*.

This session was perfection.  From the amazing couple (inside and out!) to the setting to the light.  Everything, everything was perfection.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!! ❤ (I mean is it totally creepy if I wanted to hang their pictures on my wall?!) 2016-08-20_00102016-08-20_0011I mean, just stop!! This mama is gorgeous! 2016-08-20_00122016-08-20_00132016-08-20_0014You can just hear her laugh here! 2016-08-20_00152016-08-20_00162016-08-20_00172016-08-20_0018This session was so magical we had horses photobombing! 2016-08-20_0019I love love love this one! 2016-08-20_00202016-08-20_00212016-08-20_0022GAH! I just love this!!! ❤ ❤ 2016-08-20_00232016-08-20_0024The light was just beautiful!! I could not have asked for more romantic light! 2016-08-20_00252016-08-20_00262016-08-20_00272016-08-20_00282016-08-20_00292016-08-20_00302016-08-20_00312016-08-20_00322016-08-20_00332016-08-20_0034thank you guys!!!! I cannot wait to meet your precious baby girl!!!!

run often, smile more!
Amanda 🙂


Purely Family: Corrigan

Before I leave on vacation I had to leave you guys with this session!! I had such a blast photographing Rachel and Geoff and their little man but looking through their images I am falling in love with them all over again! 2016-08-04_00022016-08-04_0003
I mean check out this nursery!!!!!!!! *Swoon*
And this little guy, he is just the best!
Baby hands!!!
We left their beautiful home for a few portraits at a local park just down the block!! This little guy is so lucky to have such a fun neighborhood park just down the street!
And then on the way home Rachel suggested this little road, it is amazing!!! Tucked away just blocks from downtown!
Little guy couldn’t hang and need a nap! 🙂
He has a sailboat mobile!!!! Ahh!!2016-08-04_00202016-08-04_0021
Again, this nursery!!!!!!! ❤ 2016-08-04_0022
His nap gave us a little aline time to take some Mom and Dad pictures 🙂 2016-08-04_00232016-08-04_00242016-08-04_0025
This is my fave.2016-08-04_00262016-08-04_00272016-08-04_0028
Both inside and outside this little house is just dripping with charm!  What a magical place to grow up!2016-08-04_00292016-08-04_00302016-08-04_0031
Big guy wanting to stand!! Slow down baby! 2016-08-04_00322016-08-04_00332016-08-04_0034
A mama’s arms is always a babes favorite place to be ❤ 2016-08-04_00352016-08-04_00362016-08-04_00372016-08-04_00382016-08-04_00392016-08-04_0040

Thank you guys so much for allowing me to witness and capture a small snippet of your beautiful life!!! ❤

run often, smile more!
Amanda 🙂

Purely Family: Estrada Family


So it isn’t very often I blog out of order, because Type-A people like things to go in chronological order…. BUT when you have light like this and you are hopelessly behind on blogging… you can’t help yourself but post it RIGHT. NOW.  🙂   2015-08-18_0001If  you’ve been following me for awhile you might think this family looks a little familiar and that is because in 2012 I took Jessica and Henry’s engagement pictures when Manny was just a wee tyke!! Look at how big he is now!! He starts kindergarten in a few weeks! 2015-08-18_0002 2015-08-18_0003We had a great time and lots of fun and who doesn’t love jumping on Mom and Dad! 2015-08-18_0004And the light… the light was just beyond perfect.  2015-08-18_0005Who doesn’t love snuggle time in the grass ❤  2015-08-18_0007we even were able to get a few with just Jessica and Henry 🙂 2015-08-18_0008 2015-08-18_0009Look at this stud muffin!  He is too perfect! 2015-08-18_0010Thank you guys for hanging out (And bearing with the heat!!!)  It was a fun night and it was great to see you guys again!!! ❤ Hopefully see you soon!!!

run often, smile more!
Amanda 🙂

Throwback Thursday: Davis Family

So with the advent of March (And the Vernal Equinox!!!!) We can all hope and pray that ‘Spring’ actually makes an appearance!  SO for this Throwback Thursday I am featuring a session that we actually did over Labor Day Weekend when it was a bit steamy and hot but features some FUN colors that I cannot get enough (and remind me of spring!!!)

2015-02-25_0003This family is near and dear to my heart!!!  Kevin is the campus pastor at our *fantastic* church 242 Ann Arbor!   We have been attending there regularly for about 2 years and have been so blessed by the community there!  (and it is where Lalo goes to preschool!!!!!) So when Kevin approached me to take some portraits I was thrilled!!! 2015-02-25_00022015-02-25_0004They spend a lot of time downtown Ann Arbor and loved the Urban Look versus the more rustic and I was excited to spend some time with their fabulous boys exploring downtown!2015-02-25_0005These two are just adorable!  Even with raising three boys you can see they make their marriage a priority and it shows in the joy so evident in the images! 2015-02-25_0006The boys were super creative and helpful in coming up with fun ideas and of course, goofy! 🙂 2015-02-25_0007 2015-02-25_0008 2015-02-25_0009Towards the end of the session it was threatening rain but we managed to finish up unscathed!  The last series of images are perhaps some of my favorites!!! 2015-02-25_0010 2015-02-25_0011 2015-02-25_0013 2015-02-25_00142015-02-25_0012Thank you guys for being so AWESOME!!! I am so honored to have been able to capture your beautiful family!!!!!!


This has been a week of snow storms, fevers and a little bit of sunshine.  As a dessert creature I am trying to enjoy the beauty of winter but often it takes a bit of coercion.  One method that was worked really well recently is this little man petitioning snuggles to get warm.   2015-02-08_0002We still find him in our bed many (most… ok ALL) nights but he starts off in his room.  When he asks me to lay down with him to snuggle him I can’t help but say yes.  Some night in the future he won’t need me anymore to get warm but for now I will enjoy our snuggles.  And these toes.  I suppose they aren’t baby toes any more.  But they’ll always be baby toes in my heart 🙂   2015-02-08_0001


Throwback Thursday: Maun Lifestyle Purely Family Session 2014

So while this may be a day late, it is Throwback FRIDAY 🙂  😉 This pregnancy is making my sleepy and nesting has begun so between insomnia and sudden interest in cleaning out every closet I loose track of the days sometimes.

After last week’s post (About Lifestyle Sessions!) I wanted to share another lifestyle session because not only are they winter favorites of mine but they seem to be all the rage on pintrest!

This is the Maun family and if you have been regularly following the blog you know that I have been working with them for years!!!  As always it is a pleasure working with them and if you look closely in some of the pictures you’ll see PAST portraits hung on the walls (Photographer level up!)

View More: http://amandamaephotography.pass.us/maun14These two just make my heart POP and their kiddos are so fabulous and SO loved!! Lifestyle sessions are my favorite for many reasons but I LOVE capturing people in their ‘native environment’ where kids (and adults!) feel like they can be themselves 🙂  View More: http://amandamaephotography.pass.us/maun14So glad we got Sebastian the mega dog (who is a giant lover!!) in some of the pictures!!  View More: http://amandamaephotography.pass.us/maun14And of course when we get a little bit cranky (because we all get cranky sometimes!!!) we have a Taylor Swift DANCE PARTY!!! Shake it off!! View More: http://amandamaephotography.pass.us/maun14Because this was their first session in their new house I wanted to get outside and get some pictures of the outside of their home in the shots!!! Thankfully they have an AMAZING yard with beautiful trees and the leaves decided to cooperate! YAY! View More: http://amandamaephotography.pass.us/maun14You would never know these two aren’t newly weds!! Look at those smiles! 🙂 View More: http://amandamaephotography.pass.us/maun14And with kiddos, leaves and portraits you HAVE to have some portraits laying in the leaves! 🙂  View More: http://amandamaephotography.pass.us/maun14 View More: http://amandamaephotography.pass.us/maun14And of course some leaf fights 🙂  View More: http://amandamaephotography.pass.us/maun14Thank you guys for choosing me for another amazing year of capturing you guys!!! ❤ I love seeing your family grow and feel so blessed to be able to capture you year after year!!

Northway Lifestyle Newborn Session


So, it’s winter.  Anyone who knows me personally knows winter is kind of my arch-nemesis.  Yes it can be beautiful.  Yes it can be fun.  But I am desert creature and I love summer!  (a Dune reference for all of my fellow nerds out there!)

So, all that being said 🙂 One thing I have begun to LOVE about winter is indoor Lifestyle Family Sessions!  This was my most recent one! (Other than Ben’s cake smash!)

2015-01-15_0001 2015-01-15_0002

The nice thing about lifestyle family sessions is it is come as you are!  If you like to get dressed up?  Do it!  If you want to wear sponge bob pj pants?  Do it!  It is all about capturing your family, your home and your LIFE.  Right.  Now.  2015-01-15_0003When Becky contacted me about Scarlett’s newborn portraits we wanted to include some ‘christmas-y’ family pictures too since she was here right before Christmas!!! But due to illness we had to wait a bit to schedule our session!! 2015-01-15_0004Big brother Owen was fantastic!  He was everything an energetic new brother should be!  We had fun chasing him, letting him play, eat a snack and letting him help choose where people should sit for pictures! 🙂 2015-01-15_0005 2015-01-15_0006Lifestyle sessions are my favorite because they are a perfect mix of an ‘ideal pintrest shoot’ mixed with reality.  So we get those sweet pictures that make you swoon… 2015-01-15_0007 2015-01-15_0008And we get the goofy real life pictures that will make sure you laugh when you look through them remembering just how ridiculous life can be sometimes 🙂 2015-01-15_0009But even if life feels a bit ridiculous, you wouldn’t trade it for the world right?  Right.  🙂2015-01-15_0010 2015-01-15_0011Big brothers want to help, they want to sit in baby seats, they want to play with trucks 🙂  Sometimes we have boogers or leftover jam on our faces.  That’s life.  And it is WORTH capturing 🙂  2015-01-15_0012As are sweet tender moments just like this.  2015-01-15_00132015-01-15_0014So as we are in the middle of this COLD season 🙂  Let’s warm up together!!! Maybe we can schedule a session where we have a dance party or we bake cookies?  Let me know what you’re thinking of doing and we can plan just how AWESOME it will be to capture it!

Here are a few others of my favorite lifestyle sessions I’ve done recently… and haven’t yet blogged.  (I’ve been too busy hibernating 🙂 )

2014-03-18_00012015-01-23_0010 2015-01-23_0011 View More: http://amandamaephotography.pass.us/maun14