Throwback Christmas Tree Family

As we wait for baby I have made a list of sessions and weddings I have yet to blog and the list is quite extensive so be prepped as I enjoy my maternity leave to be blasted with the awesome-ness I have worked on the last year (and a half…! or more…)  We are getting ready to decorate our home for Christmas today and so this seemed like a fun thing to decorate my blog with too 😉 For all of you who wish for Christmas decor to come out post Thanksgiving just refer back in a few weeks! :p  In general we decorate November 1 but waiting on baby has pushed us back a bit.  When do you decorate?

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Purely Family: Corrigan

Before I leave on vacation I had to leave you guys with this session!! I had such a blast photographing Rachel and Geoff and their little man but looking through their images I am falling in love with them all over again! 2016-08-04_00022016-08-04_0003
I mean check out this nursery!!!!!!!! *Swoon*
And this little guy, he is just the best!
Baby hands!!!
We left their beautiful home for a few portraits at a local park just down the block!! This little guy is so lucky to have such a fun neighborhood park just down the street!
And then on the way home Rachel suggested this little road, it is amazing!!! Tucked away just blocks from downtown!
Little guy couldn’t hang and need a nap! 🙂
He has a sailboat mobile!!!! Ahh!!2016-08-04_00202016-08-04_0021
Again, this nursery!!!!!!! ❤ 2016-08-04_0022
His nap gave us a little aline time to take some Mom and Dad pictures 🙂 2016-08-04_00232016-08-04_00242016-08-04_0025
This is my fave.2016-08-04_00262016-08-04_00272016-08-04_0028
Both inside and outside this little house is just dripping with charm!  What a magical place to grow up!2016-08-04_00292016-08-04_00302016-08-04_0031
Big guy wanting to stand!! Slow down baby! 2016-08-04_00322016-08-04_00332016-08-04_0034
A mama’s arms is always a babes favorite place to be ❤ 2016-08-04_00352016-08-04_00362016-08-04_00372016-08-04_00382016-08-04_00392016-08-04_0040

Thank you guys so much for allowing me to witness and capture a small snippet of your beautiful life!!! ❤

run often, smile more!
Amanda 🙂


This has been a week of snow storms, fevers and a little bit of sunshine.  As a dessert creature I am trying to enjoy the beauty of winter but often it takes a bit of coercion.  One method that was worked really well recently is this little man petitioning snuggles to get warm.   2015-02-08_0002We still find him in our bed many (most… ok ALL) nights but he starts off in his room.  When he asks me to lay down with him to snuggle him I can’t help but say yes.  Some night in the future he won’t need me anymore to get warm but for now I will enjoy our snuggles.  And these toes.  I suppose they aren’t baby toes any more.  But they’ll always be baby toes in my heart 🙂   2015-02-08_0001


Northway Lifestyle Newborn Session


So, it’s winter.  Anyone who knows me personally knows winter is kind of my arch-nemesis.  Yes it can be beautiful.  Yes it can be fun.  But I am desert creature and I love summer!  (a Dune reference for all of my fellow nerds out there!)

So, all that being said 🙂 One thing I have begun to LOVE about winter is indoor Lifestyle Family Sessions!  This was my most recent one! (Other than Ben’s cake smash!)

2015-01-15_0001 2015-01-15_0002

The nice thing about lifestyle family sessions is it is come as you are!  If you like to get dressed up?  Do it!  If you want to wear sponge bob pj pants?  Do it!  It is all about capturing your family, your home and your LIFE.  Right.  Now.  2015-01-15_0003When Becky contacted me about Scarlett’s newborn portraits we wanted to include some ‘christmas-y’ family pictures too since she was here right before Christmas!!! But due to illness we had to wait a bit to schedule our session!! 2015-01-15_0004Big brother Owen was fantastic!  He was everything an energetic new brother should be!  We had fun chasing him, letting him play, eat a snack and letting him help choose where people should sit for pictures! 🙂 2015-01-15_0005 2015-01-15_0006Lifestyle sessions are my favorite because they are a perfect mix of an ‘ideal pintrest shoot’ mixed with reality.  So we get those sweet pictures that make you swoon… 2015-01-15_0007 2015-01-15_0008And we get the goofy real life pictures that will make sure you laugh when you look through them remembering just how ridiculous life can be sometimes 🙂 2015-01-15_0009But even if life feels a bit ridiculous, you wouldn’t trade it for the world right?  Right.  🙂2015-01-15_0010 2015-01-15_0011Big brothers want to help, they want to sit in baby seats, they want to play with trucks 🙂  Sometimes we have boogers or leftover jam on our faces.  That’s life.  And it is WORTH capturing 🙂  2015-01-15_0012As are sweet tender moments just like this.  2015-01-15_00132015-01-15_0014So as we are in the middle of this COLD season 🙂  Let’s warm up together!!! Maybe we can schedule a session where we have a dance party or we bake cookies?  Let me know what you’re thinking of doing and we can plan just how AWESOME it will be to capture it!

Here are a few others of my favorite lifestyle sessions I’ve done recently… and haven’t yet blogged.  (I’ve been too busy hibernating 🙂 )

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3/52: Cake Smash


So this project is meant to stretch me both creatively as well as professionally.  Next week (hopefully!) you will see some AWESOME new lighting and post processing techniques I am practicing 🙂

On the weeks I don’t have a ton of sessions I want to try to find interesting light to capture so that when I have sessions I will be more inspired to find the more creative shots instead of just going with the norm.  I love what I do and I *love* my clients so it is essential I keep the art alive in all of my sessions and I do that by practicing.  You can never, ever have too much practice!

This session is very special to me because it is a very dear friend’s baby’s first birthday this week!  I don’t generally do cake smash sessions but we mixed it with a lifestyle session feel and I can honestly say I am SO happy with the results.  Here are a few of my favorite artsy photos, there are many more ‘traditional’ photos I can share later when I blog the whole session! 🙂  Hope you love these!  2015-01-19_0001 2015-01-19_0002 2015-01-19_0003 2015-01-19_0004 2015-01-19_0005 2015-01-19_0006Thanks for following me on this journey!!! Hope you loved these!


By the way, if you LOVE the cake (I mean how cute is that!) Check out Sweet Treats by Emily! She made this beautiful cake and has made several yummy treats for events I have attended… AND delish gf cake balls for our gender reveal back in November!

Allan Family: Purely Family

I was referred this fantastic family from a dear friend and was so looking forward to meeting them!!! Jennie first contacted me about taking Ian’s one year pictures and we planned a time to meet.  We decided on their house and I was delighted to find the light was *beautiful*!


Colin turned 3 not too long ago and is the best big brother in the world!  He is caring and helpful but is also teaching Ian the finer points in wrestling 😉 🙂 2014-07-27_0002One of Ian’s favorite things to do is read and when we put a book in his hands he was just content to look at the pictures and tell us all about it! 2014-07-27_0003I love getting to know my clients as we are working and this time I discovered that Jennie, Mark and I have a lot in common!  2014-07-27_0004First of all, we are pretty fun, laid back parents 🙂  But aside from that we are animal lovers and GAMERS!  I am truly an honorary gamer but my husband is a gamer through and through 🙂  So we had some great chats about fun games and life surrounding them 🙂 2014-07-27_0005Jennie’s parents stopped in for a bit to have some pictures with the boys and both boys lit up when they saw them come in the door!  2014-07-27_0006Ian was getting pretty snuggly closer to nap time.  Some of the sweetest moments I love to capture are the moments when mamas and babies are in their own world loving on each other!! And I even got to snap a few moments between Ian and Grandma doing the same thing, how special is that! 2014-07-27_0007Basil the fur baby wanted to make sure he wasn’t forgotten 🙂 2014-07-27_0008And while the big family pictures are so important, it is always important to remember who you were before you became a family-  a couple 🙂 2014-07-27_0009 2014-07-27_0010 2014-07-27_0011Thank you guys for letting me into your life and home to capture your beautiful family!! I had a blast and I hope to see you again soon!! Maybe in front of the camera or on the other side of a game!! 2014-07-27_0012

Until next time!

Run often, smile more!


Simpson Purely Family

Happy Friday!!!

So this year I had set a few goals for myself, namely staying on top of my blog… and my financial books.  Both have proven to be quite difficult so far but I am proud of the *drastic* difference so far compared to last year!! For instance I am only about one month behind on blog posts compared to basically never blogging… and my quickbooks show that I have entries through midapril, compared to my doing all of last years in the beginning of this april 😉  SO … I am quite proud of myself! Below you will see the result of my trying to stay on top of shooting, editing, blogging, finances along with, you know, everyday things… but I am embracing the chaos 🙂


That being said I bring you a blog post that is a whole lot less chaotic! 🙂 The Simpson Family!!!

2014-07-18_0001I met Malissa and Matt at Niki and Matt’s wedding last May!  After the wedding Malissa told me they had not had family pictures since the girls were basically in preschool…. needless to say , they were over due for  session 🙂  Check out those orange Chucks!!!! I need to get me a pair of those pronto! I mean they match my logo… so business expense right? 2014-07-18_0002We had to reschedule (several) times due to some crummy weather  but thankfully this last date not only turned out, it was fantastic! 2014-07-18_0003It isn’t often I get the opportunity to photograph families with more mature kiddos so it was a real treat to not have to stand on my head and twirl around like a monkey to coax some smiles 🙂2014-07-18_0004Everything about their session was just so enjoyable!! You could see how much everyone really cared for each other!  2014-07-18_0005Such a beautiful family!!  2014-07-18_0006This series of Matt and Malissa are my favorite!!! ❤ 2014-07-18_0007Thank you guys for choosing me to capture your amazing family 🙂 I hope to have you in front of my camera again before another ten years passes :p


run often, smile more!

Amanda 🙂