Planning, wrapping up and catching up!

So 2014 is coming to a close, when did that happen!!!???!!  This whole year went by in a giant whirlwind and I am so incredibly grateful!  We had a lot of ups and downs this year but looking back now I cannot even write how blessed we were!  I have a ridiculous amount of catching up to do with the blog to show every event, family and senior I was able to capture so you can look forward to that in the coming year!

As many of you have heard 2015 will be another year of change for us as we prepare for the addition of our Éowyn Olivia this Spring!!!

I am still working and will be accepting weddings for the year but will only be shooting 15, so that means I will not be able to accept every one that comes my way.  I will be focusing on more local weddings (with the exception of my September Holland wedding… YEA!!) and smaller events.  So if you know of any brides looking for a SE MI photographer send them my way, please! 🙂

The last year I have been slowly changing my family sessions from posed portraits to more of a lifestyle feel.  I will continue to do that as well as some new opportunities 🙂 so if you are a regular family client get EXCITED!

Senior portraits are still one of my favorite types of sessions because they are SO different from student to student and allow for some awesome creative expression!  I am hoping to add to these sessions for the 2015 season (2016 class) and will be looking for some help!  So if you are a past AMP Purely Senior or know of someone who may be interested I will be looking come May/June for some additional help, so keep that in mind too 🙂

Another exciting thing I am pumped to start in the new year is a monthly challenge!  With the new babe on the way I want to have a schedule set up for artistic exploration!  I will be focusing on off camera lighting as well as artificial lighting because that is one way I am excited to grow my business in the next year 🙂 If you want to join me please feel free!  And if you see me, feel free to hold me accountable 😉

So as I just sent out my last wedding for year be on the look out for me to catch up on blogging my last 8 weddings from the year as well as my ump-teen portrait sessions!  2015 sure is looking EXCITING! I cannot wait! 🙂

And since a photographer’s blog isn’t complete without PICTURES! I leave you with some pictures of my loves! (minus starbuck who has been firmly planted next to my belly protecting the baby… silly pup!)


This is what happens when a photographer’s child puts up ornaments and you tell him ‘no, look at the tree but keep your eyes wide so I can catch the sparkle in them” …. he looks like a deer in the headlights…. goofball!

2014-12-15_0002His first trip to see Santa 🙂 2014-12-15_0003But seriously… those EYES! 🙂  Love my brown eyed boy! 2014-12-15_0004Had to include the brown eyed pup too 🙂 2014-12-15_0005These three are such goof balls and lights in my life! 🙂 ❤


What’s Up Recap!

So, on a rare Saturday evening off in July I was sitting at the table eating a yummy dinner (of leftovers… like I said… it was a saturday off 😉 ) with the boys when Lalo gets out some stampers…. and then before we know both boys are giggling (well I guess laughing since boys don’t ‘giggle’) and I look over to them both covered in barn yard stamps… everywhere.  When I could have eye rolled or even gotten frustrated that they were covered in ink… I instead took a deep breath and realized how I felt unbelievably blessed.

During the midst of ‘the crazy season’  I think I just needed a reminder that its ok that sometimes I miss being home, sometimes I wish I didn’t have to work and sometimes I miss out.  I mean not everyone gets to work their dream job, so I count myself as completely blessed.  Just sometimes it is a bummer to work during everyone else’s time off and vacations.  But today as I worked on some ‘wediting’ watching the Lego movie with the boys before bed I was grateful for all of the memories we do have together…

So I bring you a sappy and nostaligic blog post of our recent happenings.  Because sometimes, when work is busy you forget that life is still happening around you.  Even if it is chaotic… you can still enjoy it.  🙂  So take lots of pictures, be intentional, make time for laughing and for getting stampers everywhere or digging in the dirt… because even if you can’t dwell on the moments for too long in the present, reminiscing will be that much sweeter later 🙂

2014-08-02_0002My sweet, sweet boy 🙂  So photogenic but just like every other child needs a little coercion to get a ‘good’ picture (ie… not sticking his tongue out) so like all good mamas… I bribed him 😉 with taking a picture of me after I got the picture *I* wanted of him.  2014-08-02_0003those eye!!!! 2014-08-02_0004how did I get so lucky to have such a handsome, loving boy!  2014-08-02_0005and this is how he sees me 😉

So on that funny note, here is a recap of our summer thus far 🙂  *LOTS* of trips to the Henry Ford and Greenfield Village!  Grammy and Gramps have a membership so we go a LOT 🙂  2014-08-02_0006Lots of time playing with Chani …. and she still acts as if we don’t play at all 🙂  An insurmountable amount of time wrestling with papa and calling Mama a ‘butterfly’ since we don’t pile drive mama on the floor…..2014-08-02_0007Made some home made bread and meals for dear friends to love on them.  Got a ton of snuggles in 🙂  Dressed up as dragons… and then slayed them 🙂 Got to hang out with some *awesome* photogs and the creator of HH Boogie for a summer ‘retreat’ of sorts for photography creatives.   2014-08-02_0008Played in the rain, walked to the ice cream place.  Snuggled with Starbucky and read lots and lots of books.  I also got the opportunity to do the Chicago Ragnar Relay race!! 200 miles in three days! (Well my leg was about 25!)  In addition to running I have also been kicking booty working out at RydeOn and PureBarre Ann Arbor! (staying fit GREATLY helps morale and energy levels when you feel like you have no time to even sleep!) 2014-08-02_0009We got more snuggles in (see a pattern 🙂 ), had some family tickle fights, watched some firework shows by Papa in the hammock 🙂 Fell asleep buried under tons of lovies and snuggly things and watched entirely too many cartoons snuggled in blankets while mama was still covered in sweat from her earlier morning run…. 2014-08-02_0010I realized writing this post I still have written about my Birthday Trip/Easter Trip to the Smoky Mountains so I will do that soon 🙂 But here is a hiking picture from that trip 🙂 Some burying of Chani under dirty clothes, and yet MORE snuggles 🙂

Over all when I look back at the last three months I feel how much I have worked (Dear To Do List: please let me BREATHE!)  but more I see how blessed I am that I have the opportunity to hang out with two awesome guys nearly all the time… and when I do have to work, I get to come home to their smiling mischievous faces! 🙂

Not only do I have one of the world’s most awesome jobs of serving people by providing images of their important moments but I also get to have important life events of my own, as long as I remember to make time and be grateful for them.


Until Next time… which will probably be in October when its time for Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Pumpkin farms, Firefighter Open Houses and Cross Country 🙂

run often, smile more and LIVE 🙂 No one else can live your life but you  ❤

Amanda 🙂

What’s Up Wednesday (on Thursday)


So I’ve been a little behind on posting lately…!  But mostly I have been enjoying being a mama and finishing up some 2013 things!

I have been working really hard at keeping a balance in our lives this year, limiting social media, technology and work.  Because in the end I want to be remembered as being an awesome photographer (yes!) but more than that an awesome person/mama/friend/wife who was PRESENT and not constantly distracted by work….  (which is SO easy to do!)

Wedding season is gearing up so I have been updating my computer, finishing 2014 album orders and making sure everything is in working order to begin crazy season….. and more importantly I have been enjoying a LOT of sunshine and naps (dont judge our  bed… we like lots of snuggly blankets 😉 ) with my Lalo Bear!

 2014-05-29_0001This past Saturday was our SIXTH anniversary!! If you want to see our cuteness when we were young and spry, check out last year’s anniversary post!  This year we were lucky that my parents took Lalo for us and we were able to enjoy an old married couples dream; quiet dinner, early bedtime, wake up late and running errands child free! (like I said, an old married couples dream 😉 ) 2014-05-29_0002The other thing that I have been up to are some of my favorite things!!! I have been training hard for the Ragnar Relay race next week!! I will get to run with 10 other awesome women from Madison, Wisconsin to Chicago!  I am geeked to have the opportunity to run in such an awesome race!  And lastly, Lalo (and Rico) and I have been enjoying our POOL!  Anyone that knows us (or sees my facebook posts!) knows how much we love, love LOVE our pool and the sun and summer! 😀  We are so grateful that winter is over and that summer has come!! Here’s to an awesome Summer, Wedding Season and Crazytime! I am excited!! Hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day Weekend and thank you to all who have served our Country!  2014-05-29_0003I also have some pretty exciting 2014 projects coming up!! As I get more information you will be seeing them up on facebook and the blog!!!

Thanks for stopping by (and for not hassling me in my absence… but hey! I have done a pretty good job keeping on top of blogging until now- that’s my longest run!)


run often, smile more! AND GO OUTSIDE AND ENJOY THE SUN! 😀

Amanda 🙂

What’s Up Wednesday

So today’s what’s up Wednesday is unique in that there isn’t much to post!  Upon coming home from vacation it has been a whirlwind of laundry, cleaning, catching up and tackling email inboxes!

I am thankful because in the midst of all of that Spring seems to have finally sprung and so I was motivated to finally being some of the Spring Cleaning tasks I had set for myself this year!  (HOORAY!) I also have been *loving* working out 2-3 times a week with RydeOn and on the heels of my successful race of the Martian Half it has been nice to have some awesome cross training (not to mention it has made me realize just how important cross training is [read: spinning has KICKED my booty!])


Now after having a week off of vacation, a week of some minor computer maintenance (shout out to the amazing techs at the Learning Center of Ann Arbor!! if you have a mac and have questions, seriously, check them out!)  I am seemingly back on track to world domination… or at least productivity!

Since I haven’t finished editing all of the photos from our Smoky Mountain adventure I figured I would share a few winners I stumbled across from backing up my iphone 🙂  Be warned, cuteness of Lalo is about to follow!!! #iphoneography

2014-04-30_0001check out his cuteness!!!! I can’t believe how big he is!2014-04-30_0002My son, the non-sleeper. (though I admit, I love taking pictures of him sleeping… I am sure some day he may think this is creepy but I like to think of it as excellent blackmail material 😉 )2014-04-30_0003Rico wrote me this letter one morning after a particularly hard night.  I woke up to it…. and I spit my coffee out I was laughing so hard!! I am so lucky to have you babe! 2014-04-30_0004I really do love this little guy so much I could squish him!! All.the.time. 2014-04-30_0005being goofy!2014-04-30_0006more sleeping pictures and some sunday morning snuggles! 2014-04-30_0011 A little bummed because I have pictures of him every year on this grasshopper in the park.  Turns out my organization of client’s photos is waaaaaay more efficient than my personal photo organization…. Someday I will find those pictures.  But at least I know I have them.  Somewhere.  But here are two of them 🙂 2014-04-30_0010Some more Papa fun!

2014-04-30_0012These are from one of my favorite shoots with my little man.  I will always love this set!

What’s Up Wednesday: Easter Eggies!


So we are just getting back from the Smoky Mountains early this morning so instead of figuring I would stay up late and process all of my Great Smoky Mountains pictures I figured I would share our Easter Egg dying!! Please excuse the iphone pictures, didn’t want to get food coloring on the good camera! 🙂

Meg found this *awesome* recipe on pintrest that allows you color easter eggs with EDIBLE egg coloring!!! You mix some cool whip and food coloring and viola! A yummy, toddler friendly Easter craft!

2014-04-15_0002Eli supervised as Soph and Lalo rolled their eggies! 2014-04-15_0003The finish product was pretty cool, you have to let them ‘chill’ to absorb the color but both kids really got a kick out of it! 2014-04-15_0004


Hope you all had a fantastic Easter and make sure to pin that recipe so next year you too can use edible egg dye! 🙂


until next week!  Run often, smile more!

Amanda 🙂

Whats Up Wedesday: Rollerskates!

Happy Wednesday!

This week I am happy to say that my son has *finally* received roller skates…. you see he has only been talking about them for about 6 months.

2014-04-14_0001He has been wanting skates since basically the first snow fall and all of you know, it has been a looooooooong winter.  So we went and got him a pair once it finally warmed up enough to be outside regularly! 2014-04-14_0002

He has been having a blast!!! Our arms a bit sore 😉 but it is worth it to see the joy on his face!! If any of you have any tips on teaching a toddler how to rollerskate, we would be forever indebted to you! 2014-04-14_0003Until next week!  Run often (or I suppose SKATE), smile more!

Amanda 🙂

What’s Up Wednesday: Henry Ford Museum

So anyone that knows us knows we have spent (some)  time at the Henry Ford Museum/Greenfield Village in the last three years of Lalo’s life! It is always fun for me to take Lalo there because I grew up going there with my grandparents and have so many memories there so it is fun to see Lalo making his own memories! 🙂


This last time we went we took our friends Meg, Sophie and Eli and we had a blast!  Lalo was the perfect tour guide from his favorite Steam Engines to the cars and lastly the doll houses!  The museum was a hit and we can’t wait to start exploring the village next week! Hope you enjoy our trip summary!

2014-03-24_0036 2014-03-24_0011 2014-03-24_0010 2014-03-24_0009 2014-03-24_0008 2014-03-24_0007 2014-03-24_0006 2014-03-24_0005 2014-03-24_0004And in the spirit of full disclosure, I’ve realized many of my blog posts could potentially give off the impression that I live a Normal Rockwell picturesque life…. and while I do feel very blessed we have our ups and downs 🙂  SO while we had a wonderful trip and it appears like all of our children were rainbows, unicorns and lollipops in the photos above, it was still a trip with two toddlers and a baby 🙂  So below you will find an non-glamorized real life representation of mommy-hood… the result of our epic meltdown right as we were trying to leave the museum in front of the throngs of middle schoolers who were gathering to return to their schools from the field trip.   Sophie had a bit of a spill accidentally and since Eli was comfy in the stroller I offered her our stroller since Lalo rarely rides in it…. and chaos ensued.  SO it ended with a crying, temper tantrum throwing Lalo being strapped to our stroller, Eli innocently enjoying the show and Meg carrying the toddler out in the Ergo.  Oh mommy-hood.  #arewedoingitright

photoIf there is one thing I am for certain, I am so thankful I have an awesome friend to battle the ups and downs with 🙂


until next week!

run often, smile more!