8/52 Computer Heros!

So as many of you know a few weeks ago my hard drive died on my computer.  While I back things up religiously and it was the ‘off’ season.  It was still quite catastrophic experience.  But like many things in life, if you have excellent people walking alongside you through a crazy and turbulent time things turn out ok in the end.  Thankfully everything turned out peachy keen and thanks to some FANTABULOUS people my computer is back to me in better than working order!!! 😀

Which brings me to this week’s post…. I wanted to give a very special shout out to the people who made my machine possible, the crew over at the Learning Center Ltd. 2015-03-02_0001I was referred to these guys from a good friend and the only thing I regret was that I had not been referred sooner.  Seriously!!  Ann Arbor was without an Apple store for so long and I once drove all the way to Troy for a genius bar appointment.  Once I met these guys I will never again be visiting a genius bar…! 

2015-03-02_0005They are a certified retailer and repair center so if you have a machine or device that is still within warranty or Apple Care they can look at it, diagnose and repair it for you without voiding warranty and under warranty ‘costs’.  2015-03-02_0002Their shop is nestled in an office park on State Street after Briarwood Mall but before you hit downtown.  It is convenient and best of all has parking!  All of their staff is extremely friendly and very knowledgeable!  2015-03-02_0003My machine has needed repairs twice and I also upgraded some of my hardware and they have helped me with all of my needs promptly and with big smiles!! 🙂  2015-03-02_0004I would highly, highly recommend them to any person needing any Mac work!!! As a small business owner I am very aware of how far great costumer service can take you… and when you have fantastic costumer service and offer quality products the sky is the limit!  Thank you guys for taking great care of me always!!!!!  I hope I don’t have to see you again soon but if I do I know I’ll be in good hands! 🙂


Feature Friday: Maureen’s Designs

I have been hoping to incorporate blogging into my off season more (and let’s be honest, my busy season too :p ) So I began brainstorming some good topics to include during my ‘less’ busy season.

Most of the Wedding Industry is much like a blind date.  You hear good things about vendors, maybe a friend or an acquaintance knows them but in all reality you are showing up to a coffee shop or their store front with little to no background information about them.  So- enter Feature Friday!  I work with these vendors on a very regular basis!  So what greater way to get to know them then through a blog post with pictures of them and their work! 🙂

My current goal is to blog vendors once a month, but I may try to add more too that as time allows!

For January, meet Maureen of Maureen’s Designs!

You will find Maureen’s Designs on the corner of Ann Arbor Street and Michigan Avenue in Saline right behind Mac’s Acadaian Seafood.  A true mom and pop shop, Maureen opened in March of 2007 with her husband, Jack.  The two moved to Saline in 2006 with their four boys, all of whom are in college now.

2014-01-31_0003Image courtesy of Complete Luminance

Like many vendors located in Saline, Maureen appreciates the small town feel, “I really enjoy the courteous and friendly clients who recognize quality work.”

As you enter her shop it greets you warmly with not only the smell of flowers but an absolutely enchanting atmosphere.  She has some products available ready to be purchased as well as all of the necessities to make handmade arrangements.  There are several colorful vases to choose from as well as baskets and just about anything you could imagine to make a memorable bouquet.  She has a sitting area that resembles a garden patio to look over photos and ideas from clients.

2014-01-30_0003Then as you continue around her shop you will see every detail of the shop pairs perfectly with her work.  Enchanting, fresh and lively. 2014-01-30_0004I was so excited to find my floral favorite, succulents (and the most difficult potted plant to kill 😉 ) are also available for sale!

2014-01-30_0002One of the things I admire about Maureen’s work is everything she does has a personal touch.  From the arrangements you order over the phone to your bridal bouquet she has a knack of hearing what you’re looking for and creating the perfect visual masterpiece!  Maureen designs many of the pieces herself, unlike larger flower shops.  She does have on assistant that she will bring on during busier seasons but she personally oversees all creations.  Another awesome thing is how she educates her brides.  In the advent of Pintrest, many industry professionals will simply recreate what the bride brings, but Maureen is able to create from scratch some amazing artistic arrangements (as she did for my husband’s and my wedding!) as well as what you can find on Pintrest!

Here are some photos from our wedding, they really do not do the flowers JUSTICE!  I had a simply stunning Calla lily bouquet and each of my bridesmaids had these amazing handmade flower balls!!! This is a perfect example of describing to Maureen an idea and precise execution!  They served as head table decor as well with the aid of stocking hangers!  She also arranged some beautiful pieces for the front of the church too!2014-01-31_0002Photo credit to the *amazing* Sarah Lugo Photography

Below is Maureen assembling an arrangement ordered for a client’s wife’s birthday! 2014-01-30_0005Jack is there to help with more of the business end of things as well as deliveries and moral support!  You can see their love for each other in how they work together, which is pretty rare in husband and wife run business!  As you can see they are adjusting to business– and an empty nest very well! 2014-01-30_0007 Maureen is still booking for some 2014 Weddings and Events!  So get in while the gettin’ is good!  Also she is an excellent choice for Valentines Day, or just because!  While located in Saline, they deliver to all of Washtenaw County!

If you have had any work done by Maureen make sure to leave some love on the blog or on her facebook page!!

Maureen’s Website

Maureen’s Facebook

Detroit NACE February Meeting

February 20 I had the opportunity to not only attend but photograph one of Detroit’s biggest networking events in the Wedding Industry.  The Detroit NACE chapter hosted a meeting this month to highlight Wedding Trends for the upcoming season.  I was privileged to work with some of the leading vendors in the industry!

I hope that all of the attendees took the time to attend the shutterbooth as it was difficult to photograph everyone since there was such a great turn out!  I hope you enjoy the images of the venue and the beautiful work the vendors presented!  Please make sure to check out NACE’s Plus Site to see more images!


Flowers: Parsonage Events

Invitations: Top The Events!

DJ/EMCEE/Entertainment: Mike Staff Productions

Catering: Katherine’s Catering (hooray Ann Arbor!)

Fashion: Studio Bridesmaid and The White Dress

Sweets: The Buttercream Bakeshop

Chiavari Chairs: Uncle Buck’s Party Rental

Photobooth: Shutterbooth

Venue: The Reserve