Ford NGL: Corporate Events

While I am passionate about weddings and portraits I have found myself working a few more corporate and private events lately and it is invigorating!

I love the flexibility my job allows as well as meeting new people at every event.  This event was particularly fun because I actually went to college to be an educator! (little known fact I was actually aspiring to be a Bilingual teacher back in the day 😉 )  So what fun to mingle with renowned educators and administrators who were meeting to work together with Ford Next Generation Learning to help shape and positively change the scope of learning for students world wide.

The event took place at Greenfield Village which happens to be one of my favorite places (and my sons!)  View More: View More: View More: evening could not have been more beautiful or perfect! View More: View More: awards took place in the Eagle Tavern which is fun because I have driven by where this tavern used to be in Clinton, MI! View More: View More: View More: View More: evening was the culmination of a week of learning and meetings and everyone was having a blast!  View More: View More: View More: love, LOVE working with fun people! View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: Village did a spectacular job catering the event and had someone speaking to the guests as if they were attending an event back in the 1800s.  It was a riot! View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: More: you so much Ford NGL for having me along for the evening! I hope to work with you guys again!!

run often, smile more!

Amanda 🙂


Comic Book Stylized Wedding

So I am finally getting around to my list of things I wanted to finish *before* baby and this is one of them!! But since the shoot happened the day AFTER Baby things have fallen a bit behind on my time schedule.  However if there is one thing I have learned through this is how grateful I am I always get to work with such amazing vendors in this industry!

2015-05-24_0012After seeing the space the Ann Arbor Art Center had to offer I wanted to plan a challenge for myself and some equally amazing vendors!  I wanted to use this fun space as a way to combine elegance with quirky and nerdy.  You see my husband and I are kind of big nerds and I am super jealous of all of the themed weddings going on lately, so if we could redo our day I think it might look something like this!   View More: worked with Rachel at Two Foot Creative who helped pair me up with some great vendors!  All of these cool centerpiece designs are from Bill over at Bill Hamilton Designs View More: flowers are actually handmade by Rachel inspired by Pintrest from comic books!  And the beautiful and edgy table linens are from Event Source. The menu/invitation letter press are from Gourmet InvitationsView More: View More: cake is from just down the street at Jefferson Market! View More: View More: used Rachel and her boyfriend as our stunning models! Rachel got a dress from the fantastical gals over at The Brides Project which resells gently used bridal gowns to raise money for cancer research!  View More: View More: is so much about this shoot that I am just in love with!  It has a classic feel from the loft space at the Art Center but it also is edgy and lends to an artistic touch as well.  It is the perfect location for couples who are looking for something different for their big day but the space could also easily be used as an elegant or modern space as well.  View More: planned our shoot 6 weeks before my due date because our son came so late (43 weeks almost!!) I figured we had more than enough time and it would help keep me busy through those last weeks of discomfort.  Our daughter had very different ideas about how she would come into the world and came at 35 weeks 6 days, the day before the shoot was scheduled.  I am so unbelievably lucky to have such awesome friends in the industry and Miranda over at Inner Circle Photography didn’t miss a beat!  She shot the session for me AND shot our family hospital session.  I am so grateful that so much of the photography community I am a part of is ready to jump in and help each other out when real life emergencies happen!

Now enough about Éowyn (though she is undoubtedly adorable!) and back to this spectacular series of photography!  View More: window light in the loft area is just beautiful! View More: More: View More: View More: View More: More: added bonus of having your event in an Art Gallery is the ability to not enjoy the art with your guests but also be able to shoot in an area that is unique and beautifully lit! View More: View More: View More: View More: we wanted to have a comic book theme we decided to walk on down to the Vault of Midnight just down the street for a few fun shots with actual comics.  We were so grateful they let us use their super awesome store! View More: More: I had envisioned some edgier lit portraits in Graffiti Alley downtown Ann Arbor.  Miranda captured what I had in mind perfectly!   View More: View More: View More: View More: big thank you to all of the vendors who participated and even bigger thank you to Rachel and Miranda who were able to pull this off as I was recovering from having a baby just 12 hours before the shoot was supposed to start!

Centerpieces / design- Bill Hamilton Designs

Linens and table settings- Event Source

Wedding planner- Rachel Putnam TwoFoot Creative

Facility- Ann Arbor Art Center

Cake- Jefferson Market

Hair and makeup- Callie Reeves

Dress- The Brides Project-

Menus, table numbers and coke bottle caps- Gourmet Invitations

Photography a collaborative effort of Miranda at Inner Circle Photography and Amanda Mae Photography

Ann Arbor Art Center

This winter I was lucky enough to be able to meet some lovely ladies at the Ann Arbor Art Center at a local networking meeting and was able to see their beautiful spaces they have for parties.  After seeing their digs I just knew I had to do a stylized shoot before little miss was born.

However Eowyn had very different plans (and came super-de-duper early!) but my pal Miranda over at Inner Circle Photography swooped in and helped me out BIG time!   I will be posting the stylized shoot soon but in the mean time I  wanted to post some shots I took of the Art Center’s building and it’s newly renovated spaces!  If you are looking for a space for a wedding or party check these guys out, honestly it is amazing and so conveniently located!  2015-05-24_0012The Art Center is nestled right downtown Ann Arbor on Liberty Street between Ashley and Main and over looks the beautiful restaurant district. 2015-05-24_0013It is the perfect space for small to mid sized weddings, corporate events, parties and Mitzvahs!  Your guests would be surrounded by art in the second floor galleries as well as have the options of the beautiful 3rd floor studios with exposed brick and newly renovated wood flooring.  2015-05-24_0014 2015-05-24_0015The 117 Gallery is a rotating gallery but Stacey  has a good idea of what type of art will be displayed in advance! 2015-05-24_0016Each floor has beautiful lighting as well as windows that overlook the town.  2015-05-24_00172015-05-24_0018Downstairs on street level is the Art Center’s store as well as a pottery studio. 2015-05-24_0019The galleries are above are by way of a beautiful original wooden stair case.  2015-05-24_0020After doing the room shoot for the website update I also had the privilege of shooting their Vine and Dine fundraiser later the following week.  2015-05-24_0021Seeing the spaces decorated and full of guests was beautiful.  The evening was just perfect.  2015-05-24_0022 2015-05-24_0023Guests were able to admire art as well enjoy the evening.  2015-05-24_0024If you are in need of a space to host your event and are looking for a venue give Stacey Bodner a call or fill out the contact form!

Ann Arbor Pure Barre Urban Shoot!


Last week I got the awesome opportunity to work with the Ann Arbor Pure Barre Studio to take some fun shots of a few of the girls.   We wanted to take some shots in a place that was fun and a little bit different than the studio in town and we were super excited when we happened across the Russell Industrial Trader Center.  The space was super fun and allowed us to capture some amazing images!

2015-03-12_0001If you have never tried a Pure Barre class I would HIGHLY encourage you to!  While I am (Still) a hard core runner and outdoor enthusiast…. this is a no impact workout that will kick (and Lift, Tone and Burn!) your booty into shape!!!! All of the instructors are amazingly helpful, friendly and FUN!

2015-03-12_0003 2015-03-12_0002While the class uses some dance technique you do not need any prior dance experience (or coordination!)    Which worked out great for me as a two-left-feet kinda girl with very little coordination!   2015-03-12_0004 2015-03-12_0005 2015-03-12_0006 2015-03-12_0007This is Vicky and Anna the two owners of the Ann Arbor Studio.  They are a superb Mother/Daughter team who have been working out at the studio many years before they took over!!! 2015-02-28_0007 The workouts have greatly added to both my flexibility and my strength and endurance which has lended well to my running!!! At 8 months pregnant I have been able to continue with classes with only some modification! 2015-03-12_0008 2015-03-12_0009 2015-03-12_00102015-02-28_0009If you’re looking for a way to get fit or stay fit for the upcoming summer (it WILL come!) check out Pure Barre!! You will be SO glad you did!

Thank you ladies for coming out to have fun with me last week!!

Whats Up Wednesday: Julie and Jesse NYE 2013

I needed to post this and life lately has been getting tax things together (lame!!) so I opted to have an awesome wedding instead of showing boring tax work!!!

I was so excited when Julie approached me to shoot a NYE wedding!! My hubby and I generally ring in the New Year watching a triology in sweatpants with pizza (nothing wrong with that!!), SO this was an exciting detour from the ordinary and I was not disappointed!

Because their wedding was later in the evening by the time we began shooting it was dark and cold so we high tailed to the Fisher Theatre and it was AMAZING!

View More: View More:

Often I have to give couples fun prompts to help put them at ease in front of the camera but these two were as easy going as ever!! Both just eager to be together!! It is very obvious in their portraits and made it difficult for me to figure out *which* images I was going to edit! View More:

Julie’s dress was so elegant and perfect for their evening and even better- it was super soft and comfortable!!!!!! Jesse works with Ford Racing and wasn’t phased for a second by our ‘paparazzi’ team of photographers!!! Most of the time his eyes were glued to his ravishing  soon to be wife! 🙂 View More: View More: ceremony and reception were both at the beautiful historic St Regis in Downtown Detroit!  It was beautiful, intimate and classy! View More: really wanted an intimate candlelit ceremony.  She found this runner on Pintrest and a great friend helped her make it a reality!  The ceremony was beautiful perfection! View More: View More: View More: St Regis did a superb job with making their evening flawless!  With so many details that accented NYE perfectly! View More: View More: We took a short break between their ceremony and reception to nab some family portraits while guests enjoyed a cocktail hour in the hotel lounge.  We then went back to the ballroom where the ceremony was held which the hotel staff had transformed into this beautiful reception! View More:’s family has a tradition, each grandchild gets to use his Grandfather’s Samurai sword to cut their cake (how awesome is that?!)  Jesse, of course, wanted to carry on the tradition, and what better way to make a statement while cutting the cake!! It was awesome 🙂 😉 View More: After an evening filled with yummy roaming dinner stations we began the dancing and party portion of the evening.  It was nothing short of amazing! View More: View More: View More: Staff Productions did a fantastic job keeping the dance floor alive and well into the wee hours of the morning.  At midnight we had a balloon drop and celebration.View More: View More:  And then the party continued! View More: View More: you so much for having me be a part of your special day!!!! It was a spectacular event and definitely will leave me double thinking my trilogy watching plans for this NYE! 😉

Betsy and Clay 9.14.13

Back blogging! Finally getting around to blogging some of my fall weddings that all snuck up on me!

This is the fabulous wedding of Betsy and Clay!  They met by chance on an airplane in Arizona and in a whirlwind romance landed in Lowell for an amazing backyard wedding!  2014-01-20_0001 2014-01-20_0002Betsy was absolutely stunning!!  She was surrounded by a fabulous group of bridesmaids and friends to help her tackle the day with ease!

2014-01-20_0004 Betsy and Clay wanted to have a first look, but have them both be surprised instead of the typical first look in which the bride walks up to the groom and surprises him.  A bridesmaid found this amazing balloon release on pintrest and the results were breath taking! 2014-01-20_00052014-01-20_0010Aside from the beautiful location, every single detail was taken into account.  Not only was it executed perfectly, nearly everything was created by her Dad!! An excellent craftsmen and carpenter he made every wood table center piece and even had built the house their ceremony prominently displayed!


2014-01-20_0006 2014-01-20_0007Their ceremony was performed by Betsy’s great friend Karen and their love was evident in the way the looked at each other and how Clay could not stay far from his beautiful bride!

2014-01-20_0008   We were able to sneak away with the bridal party to a local historic bridge!  We managed to dodge (several) senior portrait sessions and the Fall Festival to have some time to celebrate Betsy and Clay’s love and excitement!

2014-01-20_0011 2014-01-20_0012 2014-01-20_0013Betsy found awesome ways to tie in their colors between purple stripped socks for the men and this awesome purple umbrella!  Really, every detail was amazing!

2014-01-20_0014On our way back to their reception we took the backroads due to the congestion of the Fall Festival and we could not have been more pleasantly surprised!  We jumped out and grabbed these awesome country road portraits!

2014-01-20_0015Betsy has the most amazing dog Louie!  He was so well behaved and never wanted to stray far from his momma’s side!  We wanted to include him in some of our pictures and he obliged complete with a matching purple bowtie!

2014-01-20_0016 2014-01-20_0017 As evening set in there were luminaries placed along side the pond and resulted in an amazingly beautiful reception site! 2014-01-20_0018 2014-01-20_0019Both Clay and Betsy had some amazing dance moves to show off and once the party got started it didn’t stop until the wee hours!

2014-01-20_0020 2014-01-20_0021Thank you both so much for having me as a part of your day!!! I had such a blast photographing your day and I could not be more pleased with the results!!!

Sheri’s 60th Birthday Bash!

This past weekend I had the honor of photographing Sheri’s birthday party.  It was not simply just a party, but a celebration of Life.

While Sheri is a breast cancer survivor she does not let simply the overcoming of a disease define her.  Sheri is a beautiful array of family, charity, energy and relationships.  Just a few short hours with this family and I was blown away by their generosity and vibrancy.

This party was not simply to celebrate Sheri but instead all life.  As a board member of  NorthStar Reach her kids and husband took the time to incorporate fundraising into the event to commemorate Sheri.  Guests and Family members were able to raise an incredible amount of money to help begin construction of this camp that specializes in a summer camp experience for kids with serious illnesses.

Bar none, this party had every detail covered.  It was hosted on the beautiful Portage Lake by some wonderful friends, there were balloon animals and hats; caricatures, carnival-like entertainment, DJ music courtesy of Sheri’s son, an immense spread of delicious food and even an ice cream cart!

The love for Sheri was ever-present in the toasts, the dancing and through out every detail the celebration.  A personal favorite was when her granddaughters sang a song for her that they had written!

With well over 150 guests attending, everyone was family and by the time I left I felt as though I was included.

If you would like to donate to help support such an amazing camp, go here.

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Food: Moveable Feast

Flowers: Norton’s

Caricatures: Goofy Faces

Entertainment: Bacchanal Promotions

Balloons: 3 Generations Twisters