Pure Barre Ann Arbor: Downtown

In the beginning of 2015 I had the opportunity to hang out with the Ann Arbor Pure Barre Ladies at the Russell Industrial Center in Detroit  and a little more than a year later we got to hang out again in OUR downtown as they are opening a second location!! Get ready to #LTB on Liberty in downtown Ann Arbor!!!  Yes their Pittsfield location is staying open but this allows people all over downtown to enjoy their shake within walking distance and on the bus route!

Anyone that knows me knows how much I *LOVE* pure barre and how it has changed my life.  For a limited time these fabulous boss babes are running a special where you get five weeks unlimited for $99 so you should get in while the gettin’s good!!! Hope you love these images as much as I loved taking them! 2016-07-13_0002seriously.  boss babes 2016-07-13_00032016-07-13_00042016-07-13_0005I just can’t even you two!! you ROCK! 2016-07-13_0006admit it, you break out a chair pose or tuck just about anywhere that inspires you too 😉2016-07-13_0007These ladies stop traffic. 2016-07-13_00082016-07-13_0009Also, that is SNOW.  These girls were TROOPERS. 2016-07-13_0010  In and out of the studio these ladies are on fire! 2016-07-13_00112016-07-13_00122016-07-13_00132016-07-13_0014Thank you ladies for being Ah-MAZING ❤


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