Purely Life: Clark Family

I had the incredible privilege of photographing my friend Dana.  We played softball together in high school before she went on to play competitive travel softball and then she graduated and played softball for Hillsdale College just west of us.  There she met her handsome partner in crime and fastforward a few years and they have three little nuggets to love on!  Recently Dana has retired from her teaching career to be home with her babes.  We reconnected in our passion for fitness and inspiration as she has joined the ranks of the Beach Body coaches (if you are needing and products or info on that get in contact with her!  ) I was so excited to get to know her little family as I hung out with them for a day watching them love on each other!!!! ❤ 2016-04-27_00342016-04-27_0035 You can see how close knit they are.  They are all so loving and affectionate! 2016-04-27_0038Before my Purely Life sessions I ask my clients to fill out a questionnaire that helps me to capture different parts of life that are super important to them.  Reading was something the Clark kiddos LOVE and it was so fun to capture them all reading together ❤2016-04-27_00392016-04-27_00402016-04-27_0041Check out this cutie and her baby blues!!!!! Seriously! 2016-04-27_0042baby toes! 2016-04-27_0043When hugs become wrestling….2016-04-27_0044 which happens so fast at this age 🙂 2016-04-27_0045 Getting ready to go outside and enjoy a beautiful Michigan day! 2016-04-27_00462016-04-27_00472016-04-27_00482016-04-27_0049Taking pictures of mom and dad can feel a bit chaotic (someday I’ll do a scene pull back so you can see all of the kids playing on various devices or in strollers or running around on a play ground or even hanging off my or their knees….) BUT it is SO worth it.  2016-04-27_0050A mama and her boy ❤ ❤ 2016-04-27_0051When babies go to sleep bigger siblings get to play with tiny legos! 2016-04-27_00522016-04-27_0053I just love this next set ❤ 2016-04-27_0054 almost as much as I love sleeping babies!2016-04-27_0055snack time!2016-04-27_0056Thank you Dana and Matt for letting me into your home to capture you and your little loves!


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