Purely Love: Kevin & Sam

I love shooting engagement sessions because it makes me SO excited for the wedding!  It is a time when I can get to know the couple and they can see that being in front of the camera isn’t actually that terrible 😉

2016-02-09_0002 2016-02-09_0003I first met Kevin & Sam in high school through a mutual friend and reconnected when I photographed that same friend’s wedding a few years back!  2016-02-09_0004 2016-02-09_0005We decided to shoot in Depot Town and I am so glad we did! It has been awhile since I had shot there and it was amazing!   2016-02-09_0006 2016-02-09_0007Not only did we have amazing light but we managed a 50 degree day in January…. yes! 2016-02-09_0008 2016-02-09_0009 2016-02-09_0010 2016-02-09_0011 2016-02-09_0012 2016-02-09_0013And even though it wasn’t that cold we decided to ‘warm up’ at a Cultivate Tap House a newer coffee shop and tap house! It was delightful!  2016-02-09_0014 2016-02-09_0015 2016-02-09_0016 2016-02-09_0017 2016-02-09_0018 2016-02-09_0019Thanks so much for hanging out with me and for being awesome! I cannot wait to see you in a few months!

-run often, smile more

Amanda 🙂


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