#chrandrea: Purely Wedding

One year ago on Superbowl Weekend I tried to meet with this awesome couple for our initial consult but we got blizzard-ed out!  So we had to reschedule and eventually ended up just setting up a skype consult due to uncooperative weather.  The skype consult ended in a booking (YAY!) which ended in a super awesome esess which resulted in this amazing wedding.  Seriously.  This wedding could not have been more amazing.  Awesome people, amazing light and just some serious fun.  (I mean we took painted tongue pictures in a bowling alley!)  Not to mention, they have a celebrity name #chrandrea!   So now that I am mostly done gushing about this fun couple, check out a snippet of their amazing wedding!  With engagement season raging around us please remember me as new relationship statuses (i think it would be more cool if it were statui )  are popping up around you! 🙂

2016-02-08_0011 2016-02-08_0012 2016-02-08_0013 2016-02-08_0014 2016-02-08_0015 2016-02-08_0016 2016-02-08_0017 2016-02-08_0018 2016-02-08_0019 2016-02-08_0020 2016-02-08_0021 2016-02-08_0022 2016-02-08_0023 2016-02-08_0024 2016-02-08_0025 2016-02-08_0026 2016-02-08_0027 2016-02-08_0028 2016-02-08_0029 2016-02-08_0030 2016-02-08_0031 2016-02-08_0032 2016-02-08_0033


2 thoughts on “#chrandrea: Purely Wedding

  1. Chris says:

    We couldn’t have asked for a more awesome person to capture our special day! We pretty much knew from that blizzard-ridden Skype session that you were the photographer for us; our personalities just clicked. And, there was absolutely no doubt about it once we had our engagement session. Between the engagement session and the actual wedding, you’ve captured memories that’ll last us a lifetime 🙂

    • amandamaephotog says:

      Thanks so much Chris! I am so grateful to have been a part of your day, too bad your european adventure didn’t need a photographer 😉 🙂 I suppose that could have gotten a touch weird 🙂

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