Ford NGL: Corporate Events

While I am passionate about weddings and portraits I have found myself working a few more corporate and private events lately and it is invigorating!

I love the flexibility my job allows as well as meeting new people at every event.  This event was particularly fun because I actually went to college to be an educator! (little known fact I was actually aspiring to be a Bilingual teacher back in the day 😉 )  So what fun to mingle with renowned educators and administrators who were meeting to work together with Ford Next Generation Learning to help shape and positively change the scope of learning for students world wide.

The event took place at Greenfield Village which happens to be one of my favorite places (and my sons!)  View More: View More: View More: evening could not have been more beautiful or perfect! View More: View More: awards took place in the Eagle Tavern which is fun because I have driven by where this tavern used to be in Clinton, MI! View More: View More: View More: View More: evening was the culmination of a week of learning and meetings and everyone was having a blast!  View More: View More: View More: love, LOVE working with fun people! View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: Village did a spectacular job catering the event and had someone speaking to the guests as if they were attending an event back in the 1800s.  It was a riot! View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: More: you so much Ford NGL for having me along for the evening! I hope to work with you guys again!!

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Amanda 🙂


Purely Life: Andersons

Growing up I was always super close to my cousins.  Both of my parents came from tight knit families and numerous kids which resulted in a lot of cousins 🙂  When I was elementary school aged one of my cousin’s family moved to Texas.  It was quite weird going from seeing them frequently to once a year but we always made up for lost time when we saw each other!  Our families would travel together (Grand Canyon/Rockies/Utah baby!) and they would drive the long trek north most every Christmas.  I had the grand pleasure of photographing two cousins’ weddings (in the same weekend!) when Lalo was about 10 months old in Texas and when baby Rowe was born Autumn came north for Christmas and stayed with a us a few days so I could love on the nugget!!  So when Rowe’s first birthday party was looming I was dying to go south to celebrate! Thankfully fates and generous people collided and Lalo, Eowyn and I were able to fly south with Grandma (or Gi-Gi as Lalo calls her!) to enjoy time with everyone.  It was absolutely amazing and I can only hope that someday it can be repeated!

All that to say I got to spend time with some of my fave people but I also got to do something I love.  Capturing people loving on each other *in their element*.  There was some posing but mostly it was just life.  Raw, unfiltered life.  Just typing that gives me goosebumps.  It was amazing and I cannot wait to do it again!  I am booking more lifestyle sessions now!  So get at me and book one because I just can’t get enough!

View More: View More: helping to make the many batches of delicious cupcakes! (notice him white knuckling the beater to lick any second…) View More: wearing robots… could it BE any cuter? and those ROLLS! View More: View More: little blue eyed friendsView More: mama with her friends and her babe with his friends ❤ View More: View More: toes. View More: after math of yogurt… View More: aftermath of bath ❤ View More: is one of my all time faves. View More: More: escapee View More:‘Christmas card pictures’ View More: View More: people  wonder if you book a lifestyle session if there will be any posed pictures and the answer is yes! We will do some posed pictures for Holiday Cards or grandma (or your wall too!!) but we will mainly focus on capturing what a day in your life is.  The messy floors (or clean if you’re more awesome than me!)  the goopy hugs, the daddy’s coming home from work and the puppies and babes rolling around together.  Life.  Because that’s what you will think back on and wonder if you remember correctly, not 2015’s Christmas card photo sess.  View More: View More: View More: View More: smiles! View More: little boy needs to eat some dirt 🙂 ❤ View More: play with his pup! View More:

Thank you so much for welcoming me (and my crew!) into your home and your lives!  I am so thankful that I got to be there for Rowe’s first birthday and to love on your nugget!  I cannot wait to take his picture and hug him again!! (and you too 😉 )

And just an FYI if you do book me for a lifestyle session you don’t have to house me and feed me 😉 that is just a family perk 🙂


run often, smile more!
Amanda 🙂

Purely Love: Kevin & Sam

I love shooting engagement sessions because it makes me SO excited for the wedding!  It is a time when I can get to know the couple and they can see that being in front of the camera isn’t actually that terrible 😉

2016-02-09_0002 2016-02-09_0003I first met Kevin & Sam in high school through a mutual friend and reconnected when I photographed that same friend’s wedding a few years back!  2016-02-09_0004 2016-02-09_0005We decided to shoot in Depot Town and I am so glad we did! It has been awhile since I had shot there and it was amazing!   2016-02-09_0006 2016-02-09_0007Not only did we have amazing light but we managed a 50 degree day in January…. yes! 2016-02-09_0008 2016-02-09_0009 2016-02-09_0010 2016-02-09_0011 2016-02-09_0012 2016-02-09_0013And even though it wasn’t that cold we decided to ‘warm up’ at a Cultivate Tap House a newer coffee shop and tap house! It was delightful!  2016-02-09_0014 2016-02-09_0015 2016-02-09_0016 2016-02-09_0017 2016-02-09_0018 2016-02-09_0019Thanks so much for hanging out with me and for being awesome! I cannot wait to see you in a few months!

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Amanda 🙂

#chrandrea: Purely Wedding

One year ago on Superbowl Weekend I tried to meet with this awesome couple for our initial consult but we got blizzard-ed out!  So we had to reschedule and eventually ended up just setting up a skype consult due to uncooperative weather.  The skype consult ended in a booking (YAY!) which ended in a super awesome esess which resulted in this amazing wedding.  Seriously.  This wedding could not have been more amazing.  Awesome people, amazing light and just some serious fun.  (I mean we took painted tongue pictures in a bowling alley!)  Not to mention, they have a celebrity name #chrandrea!   So now that I am mostly done gushing about this fun couple, check out a snippet of their amazing wedding!  With engagement season raging around us please remember me as new relationship statuses (i think it would be more cool if it were statui )  are popping up around you! 🙂

2016-02-08_0011 2016-02-08_0012 2016-02-08_0013 2016-02-08_0014 2016-02-08_0015 2016-02-08_0016 2016-02-08_0017 2016-02-08_0018 2016-02-08_0019 2016-02-08_0020 2016-02-08_0021 2016-02-08_0022 2016-02-08_0023 2016-02-08_0024 2016-02-08_0025 2016-02-08_0026 2016-02-08_0027 2016-02-08_0028 2016-02-08_0029 2016-02-08_0030 2016-02-08_0031 2016-02-08_0032 2016-02-08_0033