Purely Family: Estrada Family


So it isn’t very often I blog out of order, because Type-A people like things to go in chronological order…. BUT when you have light like this and you are hopelessly behind on blogging… you can’t help yourself but post it RIGHT. NOW.  🙂   2015-08-18_0001If  you’ve been following me for awhile you might think this family looks a little familiar and that is because in 2012 I took Jessica and Henry’s engagement pictures when Manny was just a wee tyke!! Look at how big he is now!! He starts kindergarten in a few weeks! 2015-08-18_0002 2015-08-18_0003We had a great time and lots of fun and who doesn’t love jumping on Mom and Dad! 2015-08-18_0004And the light… the light was just beyond perfect.  2015-08-18_0005Who doesn’t love snuggle time in the grass ❤  2015-08-18_0007we even were able to get a few with just Jessica and Henry 🙂 2015-08-18_0008 2015-08-18_0009Look at this stud muffin!  He is too perfect! 2015-08-18_0010Thank you guys for hanging out (And bearing with the heat!!!)  It was a fun night and it was great to see you guys again!!! ❤ Hopefully see you soon!!!

run often, smile more!
Amanda 🙂