Purely Love: Kyle and Sarah

I am super excited to be playing Blog catch up finally especially because I get to work with these two again THIS Saturday!   2015-07-27_0012 2015-07-27_0013I got to meet Kyle and Sarah through Ellen and Dan’s wedding from 2013!  I love working with client referrals but getting to work with their families again is a wonderful added bonus!  2015-07-27_0014 2015-07-27_0015 2015-07-27_0016We had a perfect summer morning walking around the Arb! 2015-07-27_0017 2015-07-27_0018 2015-07-27_0019 2015-07-27_0020 2015-07-27_0021 2015-07-27_0022 2015-07-27_0023 2015-07-27_0024 2015-07-27_0025Thanks for hanging out with me and I can’t wait to work with you in just a few days!!!

run often, smile more!
Amanda 🙂


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