Purely Love: Kyle and Sarah

I am super excited to be playing Blog catch up finally especially because I get to work with these two again THIS Saturday!   2015-07-27_0012 2015-07-27_0013I got to meet Kyle and Sarah through Ellen and Dan’s wedding from 2013!  I love working with client referrals but getting to work with their families again is a wonderful added bonus!  2015-07-27_0014 2015-07-27_0015 2015-07-27_0016We had a perfect summer morning walking around the Arb! 2015-07-27_0017 2015-07-27_0018 2015-07-27_0019 2015-07-27_0020 2015-07-27_0021 2015-07-27_0022 2015-07-27_0023 2015-07-27_0024 2015-07-27_0025Thanks for hanging out with me and I can’t wait to work with you in just a few days!!!

run often, smile more!
Amanda 🙂


Kyle Class of 2016

Friday night I got to hang out with Kyle and we had awesome weather and some perfect light! Check out Kyle’s awesome wheelies photos too! 🙂

Still have some spots open for Senior sessions (you don’t have to wheelies if you don’t want to 😉 ) check out http://www.purelysenior.com for more info!  2015-07-27_0001 2015-07-27_0002 2015-07-27_0003 2015-07-27_0004 2015-07-27_0005 2015-07-27_0006 2015-07-27_0007 2015-07-27_0009 2015-07-27_0010 2015-07-27_0011

Comic Book Stylized Wedding

So I am finally getting around to my list of things I wanted to finish *before* baby and this is one of them!! But since the shoot happened the day AFTER Baby things have fallen a bit behind on my time schedule.  However if there is one thing I have learned through this is how grateful I am I always get to work with such amazing vendors in this industry!

2015-05-24_0012After seeing the space the Ann Arbor Art Center had to offer I wanted to plan a challenge for myself and some equally amazing vendors!  I wanted to use this fun space as a way to combine elegance with quirky and nerdy.  You see my husband and I are kind of big nerds and I am super jealous of all of the themed weddings going on lately, so if we could redo our day I think it might look something like this!   View More: http://innercirclephoto.pass.us/styleshootsI worked with Rachel at Two Foot Creative who helped pair me up with some great vendors!  All of these cool centerpiece designs are from Bill over at Bill Hamilton Designs View More: http://innercirclephoto.pass.us/styleshootsThe flowers are actually handmade by Rachel inspired by Pintrest from comic books!  And the beautiful and edgy table linens are from Event Source. The menu/invitation letter press are from Gourmet InvitationsView More: http://innercirclephoto.pass.us/styleshoots View More: http://innercirclephoto.pass.us/styleshootsThe cake is from just down the street at Jefferson Market! View More: http://innercirclephoto.pass.us/styleshoots View More: http://innercirclephoto.pass.us/styleshootsWe used Rachel and her boyfriend as our stunning models! Rachel got a dress from the fantastical gals over at The Brides Project which resells gently used bridal gowns to raise money for cancer research!  View More: http://innercirclephoto.pass.us/styleshoots View More: http://innercirclephoto.pass.us/styleshootsThere is so much about this shoot that I am just in love with!  It has a classic feel from the loft space at the Art Center but it also is edgy and lends to an artistic touch as well.  It is the perfect location for couples who are looking for something different for their big day but the space could also easily be used as an elegant or modern space as well.  View More: http://innercirclephoto.pass.us/styleshootsWe planned our shoot 6 weeks before my due date because our son came so late (43 weeks almost!!) I figured we had more than enough time and it would help keep me busy through those last weeks of discomfort.  Our daughter had very different ideas about how she would come into the world and came at 35 weeks 6 days, the day before the shoot was scheduled.  I am so unbelievably lucky to have such awesome friends in the industry and Miranda over at Inner Circle Photography didn’t miss a beat!  She shot the session for me AND shot our family hospital session.  I am so grateful that so much of the photography community I am a part of is ready to jump in and help each other out when real life emergencies happen!

Now enough about Éowyn (though she is undoubtedly adorable!) and back to this spectacular series of photography!  View More: http://innercirclephoto.pass.us/styleshootsThe window light in the loft area is just beautiful! View More: http://innercirclephoto.pass.us/styleshootsView More: http://innercirclephoto.pass.us/styleshoots View More: http://innercirclephoto.pass.us/styleshoots View More: http://innercirclephoto.pass.us/styleshoots View More: http://innercirclephoto.pass.us/styleshootsView More: http://innercirclephoto.pass.us/styleshootsAn added bonus of having your event in an Art Gallery is the ability to not enjoy the art with your guests but also be able to shoot in an area that is unique and beautifully lit! View More: http://innercirclephoto.pass.us/styleshoots View More: http://innercirclephoto.pass.us/styleshoots View More: http://innercirclephoto.pass.us/styleshoots View More: http://innercirclephoto.pass.us/styleshootsBecause we wanted to have a comic book theme we decided to walk on down to the Vault of Midnight just down the street for a few fun shots with actual comics.  We were so grateful they let us use their super awesome store! View More: http://innercirclephoto.pass.us/styleshootsView More: http://innercirclephoto.pass.us/styleshootsFinally I had envisioned some edgier lit portraits in Graffiti Alley downtown Ann Arbor.  Miranda captured what I had in mind perfectly!   View More: http://innercirclephoto.pass.us/styleshoots View More: http://innercirclephoto.pass.us/styleshoots View More: http://innercirclephoto.pass.us/styleshoots View More: http://innercirclephoto.pass.us/styleshootsA big thank you to all of the vendors who participated and even bigger thank you to Rachel and Miranda who were able to pull this off as I was recovering from having a baby just 12 hours before the shoot was supposed to start!

Centerpieces / design- Bill Hamilton Designs http://billhamiltondesigns.com

Linens and table settings- Event Source  http://www.eventsource.net

Wedding planner- Rachel Putnam TwoFoot Creative http://twofootcreative.com

Facility- Ann Arbor Art Center http://www.annarborartcenter.org

Cake- Jefferson Market http://www.jeffersonmarketandcakery.com/

Hair and makeup- Callie Reeves

Dress- The Brides Project- http://www.thebridesproject.org

Menus, table numbers and coke bottle caps- Gourmet Invitations  http://gourmetinvitations.com

Photography a collaborative effort of Miranda at Inner Circle Photography and Amanda Mae Photography