11/52 Window Light: Seen Differently

Any photographer worth their weight in beans will of course tell you their love and passion for natural light.  Adding light is definitely a skill that is necessary to call oneself a professional but there is something so lovely and simple about natural light.

Personally I always look to use natural light and window light first when shooting indoors because frankly adding light takes physical effort (i.e. setting up light stands and putting my lights together 😉 ) but I also find most of my clients are much more *comfortable* with natural light.

But alas not all natural light is ‘perfect’ for an entire session.  For instance this photo is lit very naturally with the windows behind me (in front of Andrea and Chris) so that they are lit evenly with beautifully diffused light.  We really enjoyed recreating this fun shot from one of their past vacations.  2015-03-23_0004But this image in front of the fireplace  doesn’t lend itself to anything artistic.  Not a bad photo, not poorly lit… just not super interesting lighting wise and not something I would want to give my clients as a ‘finished’ project.  But instead of setting up my light stands yesterday I decided to try to use available light just differently! 2015-03-23_0005So I had Andrea and Chris move to the couch and took these images with windows in front of them at a 45 degree angle to give it a more interesting look and dimension.  2015-03-23_0002 2015-03-23_0003And then when I walked around in front of them I was able to capture this image

2015-03-23_0006 A nice bright image with more beautifully diffused light.  🙂

You can also use window light to take some detail shots to give a nice bright look and make diamonds look super sparkly 🙂 (or baby toes… or toddler smiles… 🙂 )

2015-03-23_0001So if you are ever feeling like your images are looking lit the same way over and over and over maybe try looking from a different angle.  Moving the subject closer to the window, further away or simply placing the light source in a different location! 🙂  It’s worth a shot! 🙂 😉 (pun intended! haha!


run often, smile more!
Amanda 🙂


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