Gender Reveal!



I got to hang out with an AWESOME couple last weekend as we secretly plotted their awesome gender reveal!  I met Holly through a Wellness Challenge RydeOn hosted and I had a portrait session as a prize for a winner!

Both Holly and Andrew have out of town family and wanted to have a way to share their super exciting news in a fun way across the distance!  I was really excited when Holly proposed a balloon reveal and just LOVE how it turned out! 🙂 2015-03-20_0001I am pretty sure you can guess what special bundle of joy they will be welcoming this August!!! Lots of PINK will be in store!!! (And their baby girl and Eowyn will be buds!) 🙂


2015-03-20_0002 2015-03-20_0003I love working with couples to capture their love and relationship and this was SO much fun!  Their love was just glowing!  You can tell just how excited they are to be expanding their beautiful family! 🙂 2015-03-20_0004 2015-03-20_0005Holly and Andrew went to a clinic in Brighton that revealed the gender AND they got this adorable bunny with their daughter’s heartbeat recorded!!   How awesome is that!!! 2015-03-20_0006 2015-03-20_0007 2015-03-20_0008We were super fortunate that we had fantastic weather and we were able to sneak outside for a few pictures too! (not too many sessions can boast that fact for mid march!)2015-03-20_0009 2015-03-20_0010check out these adorable baby kicks!!!!!!!! 2015-03-20_0011Thank you guys so much for hanging out with me and sharing this super special and exciting time of your lives with me!!!! 🙂

run often, smile more!

Amanda 🙂


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