10/52 Spring Light

So today’s 52 post is brought to you by SPRING!!!

You guys, it is REALLY here! (For now!)  And not only have I been enjoying it thoroughly with Lalo and the pups out walking and soaking up some much missed Vitamin D and fresh air but I have been SO blessed to have shoots planned for these GORGEOUS days!

This past weekend I had a gender reveal shoot (going to hit the blog this week!) AND an engagement session that thankfully we rescheduled due to sickness.  You see on the day we were supposed to do Anna and Mike’s session we had this beautifully softly falling snow and a ‘warm’ 32 degrees.  On that day I was bummed because for our winter that WAS a nice day!  But then, this happened.   2015-03-16_0001Seriously.  Not only was it a BALMY 55 degrees it was sunny.  And the angle of the sun in the spring here in Michigan is To.Die.For.  It is like the fall light.  But something about this amazing spring light is just so much more rewarding after our hard winter!  2015-03-16_0002So while I had an amazing couple! (Which I will do a more indepth blog with more images from this shoot soon!!)  I hope you can drool over this beautiful light with me.   2015-03-16_0004Because I can just not get enough! 🙂   2015-03-16_0006Soft light, warm air, a great couple… beautiful location!  I could have died and went to photographer heaven! 2015-03-16_0007 2015-03-16_0008 Hope you enjoyed this set as much as I did!! I couldn’t choose just one to show off the beautiful light we had yesterday!  More beautiful images from this shoot will be coming soon on Anna and Mike’s own blog post 🙂

Hope you all have a GREAT day and enjoy this 70 degrees we were promised today! EEK!

run often, smile more!
Amanda 🙂


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