Ann Arbor Pure Barre Urban Shoot!


Last week I got the awesome opportunity to work with the Ann Arbor Pure Barre Studio to take some fun shots of a few of the girls.   We wanted to take some shots in a place that was fun and a little bit different than the studio in town and we were super excited when we happened across the Russell Industrial Trader Center.  The space was super fun and allowed us to capture some amazing images!

2015-03-12_0001If you have never tried a Pure Barre class I would HIGHLY encourage you to!  While I am (Still) a hard core runner and outdoor enthusiast…. this is a no impact workout that will kick (and Lift, Tone and Burn!) your booty into shape!!!! All of the instructors are amazingly helpful, friendly and FUN!

2015-03-12_0003 2015-03-12_0002While the class uses some dance technique you do not need any prior dance experience (or coordination!)    Which worked out great for me as a two-left-feet kinda girl with very little coordination!   2015-03-12_0004 2015-03-12_0005 2015-03-12_0006 2015-03-12_0007This is Vicky and Anna the two owners of the Ann Arbor Studio.  They are a superb Mother/Daughter team who have been working out at the studio many years before they took over!!! 2015-02-28_0007 The workouts have greatly added to both my flexibility and my strength and endurance which has lended well to my running!!! At 8 months pregnant I have been able to continue with classes with only some modification! 2015-03-12_0008 2015-03-12_0009 2015-03-12_00102015-02-28_0009If you’re looking for a way to get fit or stay fit for the upcoming summer (it WILL come!) check out Pure Barre!! You will be SO glad you did!

Thank you ladies for coming out to have fun with me last week!!


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