Ann Arbor Pure Barre Urban Shoot!


Last week I got the awesome opportunity to work with the Ann Arbor Pure Barre Studio to take some fun shots of a few of the girls.   We wanted to take some shots in a place that was fun and a little bit different than the studio in town and we were super excited when we happened across the Russell Industrial Trader Center.  The space was super fun and allowed us to capture some amazing images!

2015-03-12_0001If you have never tried a Pure Barre class I would HIGHLY encourage you to!  While I am (Still) a hard core runner and outdoor enthusiast…. this is a no impact workout that will kick (and Lift, Tone and Burn!) your booty into shape!!!! All of the instructors are amazingly helpful, friendly and FUN!

2015-03-12_0003 2015-03-12_0002While the class uses some dance technique you do not need any prior dance experience (or coordination!)    Which worked out great for me as a two-left-feet kinda girl with very little coordination!   2015-03-12_0004 2015-03-12_0005 2015-03-12_0006 2015-03-12_0007This is Vicky and Anna the two owners of the Ann Arbor Studio.  They are a superb Mother/Daughter team who have been working out at the studio many years before they took over!!! 2015-02-28_0007 The workouts have greatly added to both my flexibility and my strength and endurance which has lended well to my running!!! At 8 months pregnant I have been able to continue with classes with only some modification! 2015-03-12_0008 2015-03-12_0009 2015-03-12_00102015-02-28_0009If you’re looking for a way to get fit or stay fit for the upcoming summer (it WILL come!) check out Pure Barre!! You will be SO glad you did!

Thank you ladies for coming out to have fun with me last week!!


Throwback Thursday: Davis Family

So with the advent of March (And the Vernal Equinox!!!!) We can all hope and pray that ‘Spring’ actually makes an appearance!  SO for this Throwback Thursday I am featuring a session that we actually did over Labor Day Weekend when it was a bit steamy and hot but features some FUN colors that I cannot get enough (and remind me of spring!!!)

2015-02-25_0003This family is near and dear to my heart!!!  Kevin is the campus pastor at our *fantastic* church 242 Ann Arbor!   We have been attending there regularly for about 2 years and have been so blessed by the community there!  (and it is where Lalo goes to preschool!!!!!) So when Kevin approached me to take some portraits I was thrilled!!! 2015-02-25_00022015-02-25_0004They spend a lot of time downtown Ann Arbor and loved the Urban Look versus the more rustic and I was excited to spend some time with their fabulous boys exploring downtown!2015-02-25_0005These two are just adorable!  Even with raising three boys you can see they make their marriage a priority and it shows in the joy so evident in the images! 2015-02-25_0006The boys were super creative and helpful in coming up with fun ideas and of course, goofy! 🙂 2015-02-25_0007 2015-02-25_0008 2015-02-25_0009Towards the end of the session it was threatening rain but we managed to finish up unscathed!  The last series of images are perhaps some of my favorites!!! 2015-02-25_0010 2015-02-25_0011 2015-02-25_0013 2015-02-25_00142015-02-25_0012Thank you guys for being so AWESOME!!! I am so honored to have been able to capture your beautiful family!!!!!!

8/52 February Lighting Challenge

So Part of the 52 challenge is the monthly ‘Lighting Challenge’ where I try out a new lighting technique.

A few months ago I was approached to capture some images for a friend’s album she is prepping to release.  Both her and her husband are super talented and creative so we stuck our brains together and took the afternoon in Detroit at the Russell Industrial Center and had some fun!  These are a few of my favorites!  I can’t reveal all of them as of yet as they need to keep them for their campaign but I am stoked to be a part of such an awesome project with amazing people!  THANK YOU! 🙂  2015-02-24_0001 2015-02-24_0002 2015-02-24_0003 2015-02-24_0004

7/52 Dust & Discipline.

The last several weeks I have been trying to practice the skill of discipline.  Discipline can be defined many ways and while most often I feel like it has negative connotations it is actually a necessary life skill.  Since becoming a mom I feel like I’ve learned a lot about discipline.  Both in attempting to discipline myself (they say imitation is best form of flattery… until it is your toddler imitating your worst practices you never knew you had!!!) as well as learning what it means to discipline our son.

Recently I have been attempting to foster some equilibrium between living with discipline and living present in the moment.  As someone who longs for a balanced life AND checked-off to do lists being a self employed photographer and mama has certainly thrown me some curve balls.

For starters, it doesn’t always seem like I’m making any headway… in anything.  I feel like some days I want to celebrate that we are all clothed in clean(ish) clothes and that we ate (reasonably) healthy food for the day.  I am sure we all have (many) days like that but thanks to the glories of social media we often wind up hunkered over the counter playing the social media comparison game by 3pm wondering what time is reasonable to begin the bed time (torture) routine and crack open some wine and just give up.

I stumbled upon this awesome article on Ann Voskamp’s blog a little bit ago that has been really on my heart and motivating me to look at life a bit differently.  If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend you take a moment to check it out.  The quote that jumped out at me the most was this:

“The pattern in everything is this: the greater joys are obtained through struggle and difficulty and pain—things you must force yourself to do when you don’t feel like it—while brief, unsatisfying, and often destructive joys are as inviting as couch cushions.”

Sometimes you just have to put your big girl panties on and do it.  Even when you don’t want to.  Even when it’s hard.  And always when there is something to do that seems easier or more enticing.

Another awesome quote from a similar post on her blog is “Fire your perfectionism and your procrastination will quit too.”

Last week I had a professional photographers worst nightmare happen.  My hard drive died and we found out much of the information was corrupted on that drive.  Through amazing people at the Learning Center Ann Arbor (if you have a MAC I would *HIGHLY* recommend them!!!!!!) I found out that all of my information will be saved (YAY! *deep sigh of relief*) thanks to their awesomeness, my obsessive backing up… and God’s grace!! But I haven’t had a machine for more than a week now and that has made me even more hyper aware of how I am spending my time.

What I have learned in this past week is just how much we rely on things that yes, are important but are absolutely not the cornerstone of existence.  Despite not having a computer I have been able to take some time to work with a dear friend over the weekend on getting our businesses in order, making goals for the coming year and learn about living intentionally.  Has it been convenient, not exactly.  But we put on our big girl panties, did the hard work anyways and now through discipline (I really like that word this post… 😉 ) I will have to implement what we have talked about at a later time when it is (most likely) not convenient.  And that is ok.  That is *real* life.

I wasn’t really planning on ‘giving’ something up for Lent because I prefer to try to do something for lent instead.  But after thinking about where I spend my time and seeing how different life is when I have to make conscious choices of how (and where to work).  I have decided I am going to be making some huge adjustments in my social media time.  I will be practicing the discipline  of time management and instead of being on facebook or instagram for passing of time I will have specific goals and time limits.  So for the next few weeks it may seem like I am gone but I am still here (and no we did not have the baby 😉 ) I am just choosing more carefully what I allow to influence my time.

They say comparison is the thief of joy and if I am trying to model for our son a more disciplined and intentional life than constantly comparing myself to what others are up to is not giving he nor I the best foundation for success.

So for the next forty days and beyond I am going to try to do one thing a day that I am dreading (yay adult life!!!) as well as fire my perfectionism.  Because through discipline we allow ourselves to live a life more intentionally.  And really, a perfect life really is no life at all.

There may always be crumbs on the table and dust on the mantle but if I am living a life led in love and grace then the people closest to me won’t be seeing the dust and crumbs.  They will be too busy laughing, feeling the love and hopefully feeling inspired to live their life as well.

You only get one life, so let’s use it well.

2015-02-07_0001 2015-02-07_0002 2015-02-07_0003 2015-02-07_0004


This has been a week of snow storms, fevers and a little bit of sunshine.  As a dessert creature I am trying to enjoy the beauty of winter but often it takes a bit of coercion.  One method that was worked really well recently is this little man petitioning snuggles to get warm.   2015-02-08_0002We still find him in our bed many (most… ok ALL) nights but he starts off in his room.  When he asks me to lay down with him to snuggle him I can’t help but say yes.  Some night in the future he won’t need me anymore to get warm but for now I will enjoy our snuggles.  And these toes.  I suppose they aren’t baby toes any more.  But they’ll always be baby toes in my heart 🙂   2015-02-08_0001



So I got to hangout at an *awesome* studio in Detroit this past weekend and work with some pretty incredible people!  One of the sessions I will be sharing with you guys later (get excited!!) but I wanted to use a few of these images from this session for my 52 Project.  When I initially thought about the 52 project I wanted to only choose ONE image.  I am finding that I am having a terribly difficult time choosing only one…. BUT choosing less than 5 is a significant improvement from my 20-30 normal blog posts 😉  Progress is progress! 🙂

2015-02-02_0001So meet the fabulous Miranda and her hubby Adam! Miranda is a super fab photographer over at Inner Circle Photography.  We met about 4 years ago and we are basically the same soul in two separate bodies!  LOVE HER!  2015-02-02_0002As photographers we often hate being behind the camera… but when Miranda took our PERFECT family pictures I knew eventually I would have to return the favor and coax her and her love in front of the camera 🙂  2015-02-02_0003So we may have tricked Adam (a little bit…) but he agreed and I am super excited with the images we got! 🙂  2015-02-02_0004These are just a FEW of my faves (and that pose above is totally Miranda’s brain child… and I love it and will be using it often 😉 ) Thanks you guys for being awesome AND letting my take pictures of you ❤