Throwback Thursday: Maun Lifestyle Purely Family Session 2014

So while this may be a day late, it is Throwback FRIDAY 🙂  😉 This pregnancy is making my sleepy and nesting has begun so between insomnia and sudden interest in cleaning out every closet I loose track of the days sometimes.

After last week’s post (About Lifestyle Sessions!) I wanted to share another lifestyle session because not only are they winter favorites of mine but they seem to be all the rage on pintrest!

This is the Maun family and if you have been regularly following the blog you know that I have been working with them for years!!!  As always it is a pleasure working with them and if you look closely in some of the pictures you’ll see PAST portraits hung on the walls (Photographer level up!)

View More: two just make my heart POP and their kiddos are so fabulous and SO loved!! Lifestyle sessions are my favorite for many reasons but I LOVE capturing people in their ‘native environment’ where kids (and adults!) feel like they can be themselves 🙂  View More: glad we got Sebastian the mega dog (who is a giant lover!!) in some of the pictures!!  View More: of course when we get a little bit cranky (because we all get cranky sometimes!!!) we have a Taylor Swift DANCE PARTY!!! Shake it off!! View More: this was their first session in their new house I wanted to get outside and get some pictures of the outside of their home in the shots!!! Thankfully they have an AMAZING yard with beautiful trees and the leaves decided to cooperate! YAY! View More: would never know these two aren’t newly weds!! Look at those smiles! 🙂 View More: with kiddos, leaves and portraits you HAVE to have some portraits laying in the leaves! 🙂  View More: View More: of course some leaf fights 🙂  View More: you guys for choosing me for another amazing year of capturing you guys!!! ❤ I love seeing your family grow and feel so blessed to be able to capture you year after year!!


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