So one of my New Years Resolutions this year was to challenge myself with lighting.  (And more in-depth photoshop guru-ness!)  Both are stretching to me because I LOVE natural light and getting things right in camera.  However, life doesn’t always cooperate with shoots and sometimes we have to supplement light and sometimes we have to fix things on the computer (well we have the ABILITY to now with digital!)  So since I have these lovely tools available to me and I want my clients to always LOVE their images, I want to make sure my tool box is always fully locked and loaded and ready to go!

So without further jabbering… I made Rico model for me as a rugged cowboy in a dark room and got some fun pipe smoking pictures 🙂

2015-01-24_0001Mostly I was focusing on more edgy lighting.  We took a lot of time playing with dark room focusing as well as artificial light from candles, flashes and even some lamps.  2015-01-24_0002 2015-01-24_0003The night was a bit trying because it is so different than how I usually shoot but also because we had our 4 year old assistant ‘helping’ us 😉 🙂 2015-01-24_0004Over all I am super excited with the outcome!  I did very little post processing with these images (other than changing some from color to black and white!)  Excited to see what February’s challenge brings! 🙂


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