3/52: Cake Smash


So this project is meant to stretch me both creatively as well as professionally.  Next week (hopefully!) you will see some AWESOME new lighting and post processing techniques I am practicing 🙂

On the weeks I don’t have a ton of sessions I want to try to find interesting light to capture so that when I have sessions I will be more inspired to find the more creative shots instead of just going with the norm.  I love what I do and I *love* my clients so it is essential I keep the art alive in all of my sessions and I do that by practicing.  You can never, ever have too much practice!

This session is very special to me because it is a very dear friend’s baby’s first birthday this week!  I don’t generally do cake smash sessions but we mixed it with a lifestyle session feel and I can honestly say I am SO happy with the results.  Here are a few of my favorite artsy photos, there are many more ‘traditional’ photos I can share later when I blog the whole session! 🙂  Hope you love these!  2015-01-19_0001 2015-01-19_0002 2015-01-19_0003 2015-01-19_0004 2015-01-19_0005 2015-01-19_0006Thanks for following me on this journey!!! Hope you loved these!


By the way, if you LOVE the cake (I mean how cute is that!) Check out Sweet Treats by Emily! She made this beautiful cake and has made several yummy treats for events I have attended… AND delish gf cake balls for our gender reveal back in November!


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