Anni and Rafael August 9, 2014 Cottonwood Barn

This wedding was so awesome on so many different levels it is hard to choose where to start!!  2015-01-06_0002Probably the most interesting place to start is Anni and Rafael were actually married in Brazil in an intimate ceremony back in 2013 so when they came to Michigan to celebrate with Anni’s family and friends they had been married nearly a year!  2015-01-06_0003So because they were already married the whole day was one big party with a no stress mentality!!  (Though I am sure a big part of that was Ana and her fantastic Two Foot Creative Team !!!) 2015-01-06_0004 2015-01-06_0005While the day was low stress it was still full of emotion!! Since Anni and Rafael live in Brazil Anni’s Michigan family were quick to surround them with their love and support.  2015-01-06_0006Anni and Rafael didn’t have your ‘typical’ wedding party but Kaela, Anni’s best childhood friend received some special recognition as Kaela and Anni’s mom did the majority of the wedding planning since Anni couldn’t be stateside!  2015-01-06_0007While they were already officially married they still wanted to celebrate their love in front of Anni’s close family and friends so a small ceremony was performed in her parent’s living room by Anni’s teacher she had from kindergarten through high school! 2015-01-06_0008 2015-01-06_0009As a photographer I always rejoice when I get a couple who loves having their picture taken but it isn’t every day that I get a couple who have just recently been through their own wedding day!!!  They were both so relaxed in front of the camera and it really showed.  Anni really wanted the Michigan Wedding celebration images to reflect a classic Michigan look and feel relaxed as their Brazilian images were more formal, I feel like we nailed it! 🙂 2015-01-06_0010 2015-01-06_0011 2015-01-06_0012 2015-01-06_0013 2015-01-06_0014It was so hard to choose favorite images from their bridal portrait session because their love is contagious in EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.! 2015-01-06_0015 2015-01-06_0016 2015-01-06_0017Before we headed over to the barn for the reception we made a quick stop at Anni’s childhood play house 🙂 2015-01-06_0018The reception was at the gorgeous Cottonwood Barn which was just a stones throw from Anni’s parent’s home.  This property is to DIE for!  2015-01-06_0019Between the beautiful renovations on the property to every detail Ana and her team created this event was second to none!  2015-01-06_0020 2015-01-06_0021 2015-01-06_0022Every detail from the table settings to the food was magnificent!  And to keep things grooving Anni’s long time friend put together an individually hand picked band to perform for dancing!  2015-01-06_0023 2015-01-06_0024 2015-01-06_0025 2015-01-06_0026 2015-01-06_0027But while the reception was fabulous, in typical Latino fashion the party couldn’t end there!!!! Many guests met up for the after party at the amazing Melange Restaurant downtown Ann Arbor! 2015-01-06_0028From a smashed potato bar to some hoppin’ club music the after party left no one wanting!  2015-01-06_0029

This will definitely be included as one of my all time favorite events!!! Thank you guys so much for choosing me to document your Michigan Celebration!!!! I could not have been more honored!!!!


Event Planning: Two Foot Creative

Hair and Make Up: Brown & Deline

Flowers: Wedding Flowers by Heidi

Videography: Fifth and Main Productions

Catering: Melange Bistro and Arbor Farms Market

Desserts: Zingermans Bakehouse

Venue: Private Residence and Cottonwood Barn

Transportation: Golden Limo


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