1/52 The Beginning

So Rico and I have decided to challenge ourselves to a 52 project this year (one post a week 🙂 ) with once a month focusing on a skill that is more challenging.

As much as I am excited about our new challenge I think sometimes we get overzealous in our ‘New Year, New You’ planning and immediately feel overwhelmed by the greatness of the challenge.  Then, instead of putting one foot in front of the other we feel paralyzed and doomed to fail.

My hope for this year is we can sit in front of our great aspirations and instead of feeling like we are going to fail before we even begin, that we can remember that the greatest journeys begin with the first step.



2015-01-04_0001We took Lalo to the Henry Ford Museum NYE this year and while it took a little coercing to get him to take this picture, I feel like it is so symbolic of my feelings of this potentially great and magical year before us.  I hope that I can sit in wonder and awe and look at the potential this year has and drink it in like he does with this ‘steamies’.

To 2015!


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