Ready or not, here comes FALL!

I cannot believe that school registration is happening… right now! How is it that this entire summer seemed to wiz by in the blink of an eye?

I feel like this fall is particularly bittersweet for me on so many levels.  First and foremost because I am one of those people who continues to believe that summer this year was not truly summer.  (I am a desert creature and LIVE for the heat!) I am NOT ready for running tights and gloves and layers…!!! (didn’t we JUST put those away…!?)  Second, my Lalo Bear starts preschool this year and this mama is NOT ready.  Lastly, I was asked to teach a Spanish class to a homeschool coop… so now it is vaguely familiar to the August days of Professional Development, class room readiness and getting together with your teams… on an entirely different (much smaller) level of course 🙂  Normally the oppressive heat (mind you I LOVE this heat) leads you to long for fall and welcome it, but this fall is just SO different.

Aside from all of my grumbles there are so many things about fall that really do bring me immense joy!  Pumpkin bread, pumpkin spice lattes (I will get one September 1 and probably wait in line to get it!), pumpkin candles, pumpkin farms… (see a pattern here 😉 )  Hoodie weather, the smell of leaves as they crunch under your feet, the sound as the wind blows through the leaves, that crisp feeling when you get out of bed and shiver a little bit and then cozy up with layers like FLEECE PANTS!  Hot cocoa, chilly-nosed Eskimo kisses from a toddler (who is now a preschooler… wha?!) cross country (and crisp yet warm in the sun afternoon fall runs!)  Fall is beautiful.  Insanely beautiful, especially here in Michigan.  Which leads me to another thing I am looking forward to this fall, YUMMY FALL LIGHT!

Oddly my fall wedding load is pretty light this year which leaves some more room for something else I love,  fall portraits!!!! While weddings are one of my first passions capturing these special moments for Families, High School Seniors or Couples is so magical with Fall light and leaves!  Just like that magical time when the winter lets up and the spring breaks through offering a new hope, something about Fall promises warmth and laughter to store up for the coming cold months and something like closure on the beautiful season and memories in the rear view mirror.

The weatherman is calling for another cold, snowy winter so why don’t you warm your home with the beautiful colors and memories of fall portraits!?  I still have slots available for class of 2015 Seniors, Families and Couples!!! (Couples, if you haven’t had exclusive portraits together since your wedding day… let’s talk about that!! It is so important!!!) Give me a call or shoot me an email today! I can’t wait to get you on the books for this fall!

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What’s Up Recap!

So, on a rare Saturday evening off in July I was sitting at the table eating a yummy dinner (of leftovers… like I said… it was a saturday off 😉 ) with the boys when Lalo gets out some stampers…. and then before we know both boys are giggling (well I guess laughing since boys don’t ‘giggle’) and I look over to them both covered in barn yard stamps… everywhere.  When I could have eye rolled or even gotten frustrated that they were covered in ink… I instead took a deep breath and realized how I felt unbelievably blessed.

During the midst of ‘the crazy season’  I think I just needed a reminder that its ok that sometimes I miss being home, sometimes I wish I didn’t have to work and sometimes I miss out.  I mean not everyone gets to work their dream job, so I count myself as completely blessed.  Just sometimes it is a bummer to work during everyone else’s time off and vacations.  But today as I worked on some ‘wediting’ watching the Lego movie with the boys before bed I was grateful for all of the memories we do have together…

So I bring you a sappy and nostaligic blog post of our recent happenings.  Because sometimes, when work is busy you forget that life is still happening around you.  Even if it is chaotic… you can still enjoy it.  🙂  So take lots of pictures, be intentional, make time for laughing and for getting stampers everywhere or digging in the dirt… because even if you can’t dwell on the moments for too long in the present, reminiscing will be that much sweeter later 🙂

2014-08-02_0002My sweet, sweet boy 🙂  So photogenic but just like every other child needs a little coercion to get a ‘good’ picture (ie… not sticking his tongue out) so like all good mamas… I bribed him 😉 with taking a picture of me after I got the picture *I* wanted of him.  2014-08-02_0003those eye!!!! 2014-08-02_0004how did I get so lucky to have such a handsome, loving boy!  2014-08-02_0005and this is how he sees me 😉

So on that funny note, here is a recap of our summer thus far 🙂  *LOTS* of trips to the Henry Ford and Greenfield Village!  Grammy and Gramps have a membership so we go a LOT 🙂  2014-08-02_0006Lots of time playing with Chani …. and she still acts as if we don’t play at all 🙂  An insurmountable amount of time wrestling with papa and calling Mama a ‘butterfly’ since we don’t pile drive mama on the floor…..2014-08-02_0007Made some home made bread and meals for dear friends to love on them.  Got a ton of snuggles in 🙂  Dressed up as dragons… and then slayed them 🙂 Got to hang out with some *awesome* photogs and the creator of HH Boogie for a summer ‘retreat’ of sorts for photography creatives.   2014-08-02_0008Played in the rain, walked to the ice cream place.  Snuggled with Starbucky and read lots and lots of books.  I also got the opportunity to do the Chicago Ragnar Relay race!! 200 miles in three days! (Well my leg was about 25!)  In addition to running I have also been kicking booty working out at RydeOn and PureBarre Ann Arbor! (staying fit GREATLY helps morale and energy levels when you feel like you have no time to even sleep!) 2014-08-02_0009We got more snuggles in (see a pattern 🙂 ), had some family tickle fights, watched some firework shows by Papa in the hammock 🙂 Fell asleep buried under tons of lovies and snuggly things and watched entirely too many cartoons snuggled in blankets while mama was still covered in sweat from her earlier morning run…. 2014-08-02_0010I realized writing this post I still have written about my Birthday Trip/Easter Trip to the Smoky Mountains so I will do that soon 🙂 But here is a hiking picture from that trip 🙂 Some burying of Chani under dirty clothes, and yet MORE snuggles 🙂

Over all when I look back at the last three months I feel how much I have worked (Dear To Do List: please let me BREATHE!)  but more I see how blessed I am that I have the opportunity to hang out with two awesome guys nearly all the time… and when I do have to work, I get to come home to their smiling mischievous faces! 🙂

Not only do I have one of the world’s most awesome jobs of serving people by providing images of their important moments but I also get to have important life events of my own, as long as I remember to make time and be grateful for them.


Until Next time… which will probably be in October when its time for Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Pumpkin farms, Firefighter Open Houses and Cross Country 🙂

run often, smile more and LIVE 🙂 No one else can live your life but you  ❤

Amanda 🙂

Sarah & Jeremy: Purely Wedding

I met Sarah and Jeremy through the very talented Two Foot Creative team! We first met over skype as they live in Washington state and then in person for their Thanksgiving Engagement session!

2014-08-01_0001 2014-08-01_0002When we met for their engagement pictures it was (a little bit) colder…. so we were grateful it warmed up for their outdoor wedding 🙂  In fact, it was one of the few super toasty days we’ve had this summer! I didn’t mind though and both Sarah and Jeremy were so happy to celebrate with their friends and family they didn’t even seem to notice! 2014-08-01_0003We had Rabbi Miriam Jerris as the officiant who performed a beautiful Jewish ceremony! 2014-08-01_0004Jeremy really wanted this picture of the kiss with their family and guests behind them!  I was so thankful that Rabbi Miriam was up for just about anything we we were able to nab this special moment! 2014-08-01_0005We were able to grab some family pictures and even some photos of Sarah and Jeremy in the gardens before it started to down pour! 2014-08-01_0006Since it rained so hard and we were on a time schedule we opted for some creative options 🙂  Sarah and Jeremy suggested that we head over to the dorm where they first met at Mary Markley Hall! 2014-08-01_0007After we spent some time dodging the rain we were able to get a picture they were really excited about!  A kiss beneath the engineering arch, legend has it that whoever kisses under the engineering arch will get married… not long after they were engaged they kiss and the legend proved true for them 🙂 2014-08-01_0008After pictures we headed to the Gandy Dancer where Melanie and her Two Foot Creative team had everything set up beautifully!!  They had some fun details that were not only beautiful but captured their personality!  Even a Jeremy comic strip on each table (and he had a girlfriend named Sarah! how perfect is that!) The flowers were beautifully done by Bill Hamilton! 2014-08-01_0009 2014-08-01_0010The speeches were just beautiful and funny and you could tell how loved each of them are by their families! 2014-08-01_0011 2014-08-01_0012They also had a Navajo Blessing which was cool! 2014-08-01_0013We were able to take some bridal party portraits near the train station once more rain subsided!! And we got to see a huge train rush by! 🙂 2014-08-01_0014Their first dance was just adorable!!! 🙂2014-08-01_0015And how cute are these pictures!  2014-08-01_0016Everyone had a great time dancing and the Hora was awesome 🙂 2014-08-01_0017After the formal dances we snuck out again for some sunset pictures 🙂  This time is always my favorite with couples because all of the ‘scheduled obligations’ are over with and it is so much easier to relax and enjoy each other’s company 2014-08-01_0018 2014-08-01_0019 2014-08-01_0020We ended the night with some fantastic dancing DJ’d by Mike Staff Productions.  2014-08-01_0021