Allan Family: Purely Family

I was referred this fantastic family from a dear friend and was so looking forward to meeting them!!! Jennie first contacted me about taking Ian’s one year pictures and we planned a time to meet.  We decided on their house and I was delighted to find the light was *beautiful*!


Colin turned 3 not too long ago and is the best big brother in the world!  He is caring and helpful but is also teaching Ian the finer points in wrestling 😉 🙂 2014-07-27_0002One of Ian’s favorite things to do is read and when we put a book in his hands he was just content to look at the pictures and tell us all about it! 2014-07-27_0003I love getting to know my clients as we are working and this time I discovered that Jennie, Mark and I have a lot in common!  2014-07-27_0004First of all, we are pretty fun, laid back parents 🙂  But aside from that we are animal lovers and GAMERS!  I am truly an honorary gamer but my husband is a gamer through and through 🙂  So we had some great chats about fun games and life surrounding them 🙂 2014-07-27_0005Jennie’s parents stopped in for a bit to have some pictures with the boys and both boys lit up when they saw them come in the door!  2014-07-27_0006Ian was getting pretty snuggly closer to nap time.  Some of the sweetest moments I love to capture are the moments when mamas and babies are in their own world loving on each other!! And I even got to snap a few moments between Ian and Grandma doing the same thing, how special is that! 2014-07-27_0007Basil the fur baby wanted to make sure he wasn’t forgotten 🙂 2014-07-27_0008And while the big family pictures are so important, it is always important to remember who you were before you became a family-  a couple 🙂 2014-07-27_0009 2014-07-27_0010 2014-07-27_0011Thank you guys for letting me into your life and home to capture your beautiful family!! I had a blast and I hope to see you again soon!! Maybe in front of the camera or on the other side of a game!! 2014-07-27_0012

Until next time!

Run often, smile more!



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