Simpson Purely Family

Happy Friday!!!

So this year I had set a few goals for myself, namely staying on top of my blog… and my financial books.  Both have proven to be quite difficult so far but I am proud of the *drastic* difference so far compared to last year!! For instance I am only about one month behind on blog posts compared to basically never blogging… and my quickbooks show that I have entries through midapril, compared to my doing all of last years in the beginning of this april 😉  SO … I am quite proud of myself! Below you will see the result of my trying to stay on top of shooting, editing, blogging, finances along with, you know, everyday things… but I am embracing the chaos 🙂


That being said I bring you a blog post that is a whole lot less chaotic! 🙂 The Simpson Family!!!

2014-07-18_0001I met Malissa and Matt at Niki and Matt’s wedding last May!  After the wedding Malissa told me they had not had family pictures since the girls were basically in preschool…. needless to say , they were over due for  session 🙂  Check out those orange Chucks!!!! I need to get me a pair of those pronto! I mean they match my logo… so business expense right? 2014-07-18_0002We had to reschedule (several) times due to some crummy weather  but thankfully this last date not only turned out, it was fantastic! 2014-07-18_0003It isn’t often I get the opportunity to photograph families with more mature kiddos so it was a real treat to not have to stand on my head and twirl around like a monkey to coax some smiles 🙂2014-07-18_0004Everything about their session was just so enjoyable!! You could see how much everyone really cared for each other!  2014-07-18_0005Such a beautiful family!!  2014-07-18_0006This series of Matt and Malissa are my favorite!!! ❤ 2014-07-18_0007Thank you guys for choosing me to capture your amazing family 🙂 I hope to have you in front of my camera again before another ten years passes :p


run often, smile more!

Amanda 🙂


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