Sarah & Anthony: Purely Wedding

Sarah and Anthony and I officially met over skype after her mom had found me searching for Ann Arbor wedding photographers, I don’t think I could have been more thrilled that whatever google search her mom had done brought my page to the top!

When we first met Sarah told me their main priority was a small intimate wedding with really amazing food…. and they pulled that off without a hitch!


Sarah and Anthony got married in the Arb surrounded by their closest friends and their family members!! It was a beautiful day in the arb, not too hot, just the right amount of bugs and just enough breeze to keep the bugs at bay.

2014-07-15_00022014-07-15_0003When we first started talking I was excited to hear that both were entomologists… you see I had heard them incorrectly and thought they had said etymologist which is the study of origins of languages which I am totally geeked about…. (nerd alert!) but they are in fact ENtomologists.  This means they study bugs, specifically beetles.  Still equally as cool but something I know nothing about so I was super excited to be surrounded by some awesome people to ask all kinds of bug questions about!  I even have a contact to send future iphone pictures of bugs my son catches 😉

2014-07-15_0004Along with being surrounded with family and friends they had Anthony’s sons. Iggy and Enzo.  These two were just adorable and absolute hams!

2014-07-15_00062014-07-15_0005I like to encourage silliness in between pictures 🙂  2014-07-15_0007We spent some time taking some pictures at the Arb before we headed over to Zingermans for our *delish* dinner and both Sarah and Anthony were fantastic!!!! Their love and affection towards each other coupled with countless excursions they have been doing research abroad led to many funny moments and even a little research of their own. 🙂2014-07-15_0008 2014-07-15_00092014-07-15_0010

Next we met up with everyone at Zingermans…. per normal, it was fantastic!! If you are ever in town and are looking for a great restaurant, I would highly recommend Zingerman’s Roadhouse, you will not be disappointed!

2014-07-15_0011 2014-07-15_0013The boys were much more relaxed at the restaurant and even let me take some pictures of just them 🙂 2014-07-15_0012And of course we had to nab some father/son portraits!  2014-07-15_0015Their gifts were *fantastic* Zingerman’s brownies… they even had a gluten free one for me!!!! 😀 2014-07-15_0014There were these adorable chairs all over and I could not get enough of them… I am 100% positive I need at least two in my house!  2014-07-15_0016 2014-07-15_0021I think another favorite part of this wedding  (ok most of that day was a favorite part!)  was their CAKE.  Zingerman’s made their cake and made them a BEETLE cake!!!! 2014-07-15_0019The beetles on top are the actual species of beetles that Sarah and Anthony study… how cool is THAT!  And the markings on the  inside of the ‘bark’ are called galleries and it is where Beetles live! (see I learned some cool things while working too!)2014-07-15_0020Everyone loved the cake, even the boys!  Any I think I have made little photographers out of them 😉

Zingermans gave the boys a little special sparkling cider for toasts and I think someone was a bit excited 🙂 2014-07-15_0017 2014-07-15_0018Thank you guys for a fantastic day!!!  I am so honored you choose me to capture and share in your day!! 🙂  Hope you had a great honeymoon!


run often, smile more!
Amanda 🙂


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