Gatewood: Purely Family


Introducing the Gatewood Family!  I first met April through a mom to mom group on facebook  (thanks Michele!) as I was scouring forums for a jogging stroller!  Thankfully April had the answer to my quest and even better, was willing to BARTER for it! 🙂  So we met in Troy at Firefighters park and got to work on their beautiful family session!  2014-06-19_0006Her family is just amazingly adorable and she has an awesome and informative blog to boot!! Check her out at Mama on a Green Mission! 2014-06-19_0007Working with families with littles  is sometimes difficult as every (kid) has their idea of how the session is going to go… so to get everyone in one place and smiling is always a minor miracle as well as a circus act!  But we managed and over all the session was nearly flawless! 2014-06-19_0008 2014-06-19_0009

My favorite part of the session was when we went to go play in the dandelion field!  We had a blast picking, blowing, running and rolling around in child-like wonder!  2014-06-19_0010My favorite part of a family session is always photographing the parents alone.  Often couples have not had their portraits taken alone since their wedding day!!!! So it is a beautiful thing to be able to take some time and focus on the foundation of the family!  2014-06-19_0011Look at their bliss! 2014-06-19_0012Thank you so much for inviting me to capture your beautiful family!!!


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