What’s Up Wednesday (on Thursday)


So I’ve been a little behind on posting lately…!  But mostly I have been enjoying being a mama and finishing up some 2013 things!

I have been working really hard at keeping a balance in our lives this year, limiting social media, technology and work.  Because in the end I want to be remembered as being an awesome photographer (yes!) but more than that an awesome person/mama/friend/wife who was PRESENT and not constantly distracted by work….  (which is SO easy to do!)

Wedding season is gearing up so I have been updating my computer, finishing 2014 album orders and making sure everything is in working order to begin crazy season….. and more importantly I have been enjoying a LOT of sunshine and naps (dont judge our  bed… we like lots of snuggly blankets 😉 ) with my Lalo Bear!

 2014-05-29_0001This past Saturday was our SIXTH anniversary!! If you want to see our cuteness when we were young and spry, check out last year’s anniversary post!  This year we were lucky that my parents took Lalo for us and we were able to enjoy an old married couples dream; quiet dinner, early bedtime, wake up late and running errands child free! (like I said, an old married couples dream 😉 ) 2014-05-29_0002The other thing that I have been up to are some of my favorite things!!! I have been training hard for the Ragnar Relay race next week!! I will get to run with 10 other awesome women from Madison, Wisconsin to Chicago!  I am geeked to have the opportunity to run in such an awesome race!  And lastly, Lalo (and Rico) and I have been enjoying our POOL!  Anyone that knows us (or sees my facebook posts!) knows how much we love, love LOVE our pool and the sun and summer! 😀  We are so grateful that winter is over and that summer has come!! Here’s to an awesome Summer, Wedding Season and Crazytime! I am excited!! Hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day Weekend and thank you to all who have served our Country!  2014-05-29_0003I also have some pretty exciting 2014 projects coming up!! As I get more information you will be seeing them up on facebook and the blog!!!

Thanks for stopping by (and for not hassling me in my absence… but hey! I have done a pretty good job keeping on top of blogging until now- that’s my longest run!)


run often, smile more! AND GO OUTSIDE AND ENJOY THE SUN! 😀

Amanda 🙂


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