What’s Up Wednesday: Growth

Last year I was lucky to have a friend who allowed me to use her daughter as my muse for a spring themed portrait session!

This year I wanted to do another portrait session with her current ballet outfit and it proved to be a bit trickier so we went with a whimsical fairy tale theme.  A big huge thanks to Kat Foley Photo for the use of her studio!!

2014-05-12_0019My goal was to capture the beauty and innocence of a little girls imagination, her fairy tale if you will.  Lexi was more than a willing subject and while I haven’t yet finished editing the images,  I couldn’t wait to show you a few!!!

2014-05-12_0021 2014-05-12_0020This is by far my favorite image and it took a bit of work to get everything just so, but I am thankful I took the time and Lexi was patient with me!

2014-05-12_0018Thank you Amy (and Phil!!) for allowing me to borrow Lexi again!! ❤


run often, smile more!

Amanda 🙂


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