Throwback Thursday: Purely Senior Rachel 2014

So it is almost graduation for the 2014 seniors!!! Many are done with school and most are prepping for their graduation parties as well as their ceremony, so in tribute to so many *amazing* seniors I had last year I figured throwback thursday would be dedicated to one of them!!


Rachel is just beautiful!! It was impossible to take a bad picture of her and she was so natural with posing which was fantastic while photographing and just killer while trying to edit πŸ˜‰

2014-05-30_0001She was very willing to try some more offbeat and artsy poses which turned out super fun! πŸ™‚ Check out the pose above there!! 2014-05-30_0002She smiled the entire session, trying to get a few serious poses was some serious work :p 2014-05-30_0003The evening was beautiful which isn’t abnormal at Island Park and we were delighted to take advantage of it!! πŸ™‚Β 2014-05-30_0004 2014-05-30_0005Thank you Rachel for having me do your session!! And best of luck in the coming summer and fall! πŸ™‚

run often, smile more!
Amanda πŸ™‚


Amanda & Jeff: Purely Wedding

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to shoot a fantastic wedding!! I met Amanda and Jeff through my amazing friend Hannah Butler!Β  She is a *Fantastic* make up artist, so if you are in need of one- give her a call! πŸ™‚

Amanda and Paul met at EMU a few years ago and while they weren’t dating there their lives continued to intersect over the course of several states and years! Eventually fate prevailed and here we are!

2014-05-29_0004Jeff and Amanda live in Portland now which made them a perfect couple for me since I would love to live anywhere on the West Coast but Portland is one of the most friendly cities to bicyclists!Β  So I can live vicariously through them πŸ˜‰

2014-05-29_0026Amanda’s Dad has worked transporting some pretty awesome cars for awhile now and had some fantastic cars around the house I got to take a peek at! πŸ™‚2014-05-29_0008Since they live out of state they both got ready at Amanda’s parents.Β Β  We kept them separate in the morning and then had a sweet and beautiful first look!Β  The day even turned out *fantastically* considering it was about 80% chance of rain, all day.Β  2014-05-29_0009The church was gorgeous and was the one Amanda’s parents were married in- so it was cool to return there for their vows! After the service we headed to Belle Isle, the location of their first date πŸ™‚ 2014-05-29_0010I have photographed a crazy amount of weddings (I’ve actually lost count!) but never have I photographed a wedding party where everyone was married!! So it was pretty neat to say ‘KISS!’ and everyone would kiss πŸ™‚Β  They were surrounded by such love! 2014-05-29_0011Next we went to the conservatory and were blessed beyond compare!!! We got there JUST after closing!!(we were so bummed!) But an amazing person stayed for us to take some pictures in the Gardens!! Luck would not begin to describe the day!! Between the weather and how all of the portraits turned out we were ecstatic! 2014-05-29_0012These girls were so beautiful! inside and out! 2014-05-29_0013And what a fun group of handsome guys!!! 2014-05-29_0014Generally it takes a little time for a bride and groom to warm up to the cameraΒ  on their wedding day (I mean, its not like generally speaking someone carries a giant camera around following you all day πŸ˜‰ ) But they were naturals!!!!!! You can see their love in the portraits and just how much they genuinely enjoy each other! 2014-05-29_0015Next we dropped the bridal party off and went to their reception at Elizabeth Park and got some more amazing portraits on their famous bridges!! We managed to narrowly miss the Prom goers- another stroke of luck! 2014-05-29_0016 2014-05-29_0017After we took more portraits we went in for their grand entrance only to be met with an amazing sunset, so again we snuck out to nab a few more portraits! 2014-05-29_0018The venue is brand new, they were the second wedding to take place and it ran like it had been hosting weddings for years!!

Everything was perfect and the details were stellar!! The food was by Kosch Catering!Β  The food was *Delish* and coming from someone who works with catering companies for a living and has a food allergy- they were able to accommodate both my gluten allergy (and the groom’s soy allergy!) without skipping a beat!Β  The flowers were fantastic too by the amazing J Costello Designs out of Royal Oak!Β  2014-05-29_0019Apart from being fantastic to work with and willing to go and do almost anything for portraits!!! Amanda and Jeff encouraged me to take some fun landscapes and more artistic shots (can you say YAY!!!) So I got to play a bit during dinner πŸ™‚Β  A photographers dream! 2014-05-29_0020 Their dances were beautiful and full of emotion!!Β  2014-05-29_0021After dancing they humored me one last time for a few outdoor night shots πŸ™‚2014-05-29_0022And ended the night appropriately, with a kick booty party! πŸ™‚ 2014-05-29_0023 Thank you guys so much for bringing me into your day!! I loved working with you (and for letting me drag you around on seemingly endless photography adventures πŸ˜‰ ) And again, a big thank you again to Hannah for the amazing referral! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

run often, smile more!
Amanda πŸ™‚


Venue: Chateau on the River

Catering: Kosch CateringΒ  (side note… as someone who has to eat Gluten Free this company was *amazing* to work with and YUMMY!!!!)

Flowers: J. Costello Designs


What’s Up Wednesday (on Thursday)


So I’ve been a little behind on posting lately…!Β  But mostly I have been enjoying being a mama and finishing up some 2013 things!

I have been working really hard at keeping a balance in our lives this year, limiting social media, technology and work.Β  Because in the end I want to be remembered as being an awesome photographer (yes!) but more than that an awesome person/mama/friend/wife who was PRESENT and not constantly distracted by work….Β  (which is SO easy to do!)

Wedding season is gearing up so I have been updating my computer, finishing 2014 album orders and making sure everything is in working order to begin crazy season….. and more importantly I have been enjoying a LOT of sunshine and naps (dont judge ourΒ  bed… we like lots of snuggly blankets πŸ˜‰ ) with my Lalo Bear!

Β 2014-05-29_0001This past Saturday was our SIXTH anniversary!! If you want to see our cuteness when we were young and spry, check out last year’s anniversary post!Β  This year we were lucky that my parents took Lalo for us and we were able to enjoy an old married couples dream; quiet dinner, early bedtime, wake up late and running errands child free! (like I said, an old married couples dream πŸ˜‰ ) 2014-05-29_0002The other thing that I have been up to are some of my favorite things!!! I have been training hard for the Ragnar Relay race next week!! I will get to run with 10 other awesome women from Madison, Wisconsin to Chicago!Β  I am geeked to have the opportunity to run in such an awesome race!Β  And lastly, Lalo (and Rico) and I have been enjoying our POOL!Β  Anyone that knows us (or sees my facebook posts!) knows how much we love, love LOVE our pool and the sun and summer! πŸ˜€Β  We are so grateful that winter is over and that summer has come!! Here’s to an awesome Summer, Wedding Season and Crazytime! I am excited!! Hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day Weekend and thank you to all who have served our Country!Β  2014-05-29_0003I also have some pretty exciting 2014 projects coming up!! As I get more information you will be seeing them up on facebook and the blog!!!

Thanks for stopping by (and for not hassling me in my absence… but hey! I have done a pretty good job keeping on top of blogging until now- that’s my longest run!)


run often, smile more! AND GO OUTSIDE AND ENJOY THE SUN! πŸ˜€

Amanda πŸ™‚

Throwback Thursday: Austin Senior 2014

This week’s Throwback Thursday is dedicated to one of my memorable shoots from last year!

Austin’s mom contacted me in regards to his senior pictures but both were hoping for more of an ‘original’ session that captured Austin personally.Β  Always up for the challenge we decided to do some shots of him skate boarding, one of his favorite hobbies.

2014-05-12_0023Because I know very little about skate boarding I was very reliant on Austin’s expertise but he didn’t skip a beat!Β  We met around his house since that is his most familiar stomping grounds and took it from there! 2014-05-12_0024Action shots were the most fun because it involved him boarding and me doing some action photography, a favorite past time of mine that I don’t often get to indulge in! 2014-05-12_0025Then we walked over to a nice spot to do a few more ‘traditional’ portraits.Β  2014-05-12_0026 2014-05-12_0027But we couldn’t resist adding in a few original shots as well! 2014-05-12_0028These are probably my favorite shots from the day which were taken at the beginning of the shoot, which almost never happens!

2014-05-12_00222015 Senior spots are beginning to book!! Be sure to get in contact with me to reserve your spot!

If you ‘re hoping to snag a more original session I would *love* to hear your ideas!!! I love working with your creativity to make something that will truly be Pure Photography, Purely You… Purely senior!!

Check out my website for seniors with details

Until next week!

Run often, smile more!
Amanda πŸ™‚

What’s Up Wednesday: Growth

Last year I was lucky to have a friend who allowed me to use her daughter as my muse for a spring themed portrait session!

This year I wanted to do another portrait session with her current ballet outfit and it proved to be a bit trickier so we went with a whimsical fairy tale theme.Β  A big huge thanks to Kat Foley Photo for the use of her studio!!

2014-05-12_0019My goal was to capture the beauty and innocence of a little girls imagination, her fairy tale if you will.Β  Lexi was more than a willing subject and while I haven’t yet finished editing the images,Β  I couldn’t wait to show you a few!!!

2014-05-12_0021 2014-05-12_0020This is by far my favorite image and it took a bit of work to get everything just so, but I am thankful I took the time and Lexi was patient with me!

2014-05-12_0018Thank you Amy (and Phil!!) for allowing me to borrow Lexi again!! ❀


run often, smile more!

Amanda πŸ™‚

Purely Love Engagement Session: Eric and Sara

Sara and Eric found me through an old friend I worked with back in college (Thanks Michaela!)

2014-05-12_0008Eric and Sara moved here from California to work in a school in Detroit! What a cold winter they picked to relocate but thankfully Spring seems to have broken!
2014-05-12_00152014-05-12_0009These two are just so adorable! 2014-05-12_0010You can see their love just glowing! 2014-05-12_0013 2014-05-12_0012These are my favorite images of the bunch! 2014-05-12_0016 2014-05-12_0011Thank you both for giving me the opportunity to capture your love!!!  Good luck with planning your wedding!!! ❀ 2014-05-12_0017

Run often, smile more!
Amanda πŸ™‚

Purely Love Contest Winners!

Meet Devan and Dylan!!!

I first met Devan when she was in high school because she ran for the XC team I help coach!Β  High school sweethearts both are attending rival colleges but keeping their love strong!Β  Devan entered my Purely Love contest I had on my facebook page back in February and she won! It was such a pleasure to get to hang out with them!

2014-05-12_0002 2014-05-12_0007 2014-05-12_0006 2014-05-12_0005 2014-05-12_0004 2014-05-12_0003Thank you both for hanging out with me and most of all for entering my contest!!!

Run often, smile more!
Amanda πŸ™‚