What’s Up Wednesday

So today’s what’s up Wednesday is unique in that there isn’t much to post!  Upon coming home from vacation it has been a whirlwind of laundry, cleaning, catching up and tackling email inboxes!

I am thankful because in the midst of all of that Spring seems to have finally sprung and so I was motivated to finally being some of the Spring Cleaning tasks I had set for myself this year!  (HOORAY!) I also have been *loving* working out 2-3 times a week with RydeOn and on the heels of my successful race of the Martian Half it has been nice to have some awesome cross training (not to mention it has made me realize just how important cross training is [read: spinning has KICKED my booty!])


Now after having a week off of vacation, a week of some minor computer maintenance (shout out to the amazing techs at the Learning Center of Ann Arbor!! if you have a mac and have questions, seriously, check them out!)  I am seemingly back on track to world domination… or at least productivity!

Since I haven’t finished editing all of the photos from our Smoky Mountain adventure I figured I would share a few winners I stumbled across from backing up my iphone 🙂  Be warned, cuteness of Lalo is about to follow!!! #iphoneography

2014-04-30_0001check out his cuteness!!!! I can’t believe how big he is!2014-04-30_0002My son, the non-sleeper. (though I admit, I love taking pictures of him sleeping… I am sure some day he may think this is creepy but I like to think of it as excellent blackmail material 😉 )2014-04-30_0003Rico wrote me this letter one morning after a particularly hard night.  I woke up to it…. and I spit my coffee out I was laughing so hard!! I am so lucky to have you babe! 2014-04-30_0004I really do love this little guy so much I could squish him!! All.the.time. 2014-04-30_0005being goofy!2014-04-30_0006more sleeping pictures and some sunday morning snuggles! 2014-04-30_0011 A little bummed because I have pictures of him every year on this grasshopper in the park.  Turns out my organization of client’s photos is waaaaaay more efficient than my personal photo organization…. Someday I will find those pictures.  But at least I know I have them.  Somewhere.  But here are two of them 🙂 2014-04-30_0010Some more Papa fun!

2014-04-30_0012These are from one of my favorite shoots with my little man.  I will always love this set!


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