Throwback Thursday: CAMPING :)

So as I am sure many of you can guess from my logo, I LOVE CAMPING!

Well today happens to be my birthday and I am fortunate to be headed down to Tennessee to camp with my boys and my parents at the first campground my family took my first childhood popup camper too! The Great Smoky Mountains Jellystone!  Now we generally tent camp but my parents have been super generous to rent us a cabin for the week!! (So while we may be cheating a bit, we are SO looking forward to it!)

So in celebration of my birthday and camping!! Here are some pictures from a few of Lalo’s camping trips!

2014-04-14_0004He was such a happy camper!! He even cut two teeth while we were camping and we didn’t know it! 2014-04-14_0005 2014-04-14_0006He saw his first Lake Michigan sunset with us 🙂 2014-04-15_0001

Here is a trip we took just last year to the Saline XC Camp!! Per normal, it was the hottest week of the year!  But we managed and had a blast with the girls! 2014-04-15_0014We were pretty sweaty and stinky but we laughed so much it didn’t matter! 2014-04-15_0015Can’t wait to share some of our pictures from this trip in the coming weeks!!


Until next week!

Run often, smile more! (And go outside and get camping!!)

Amanda 🙂


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