What’s Up Wednesday: Henry Ford Museum

So anyone that knows us knows we have spent (some)  time at the Henry Ford Museum/Greenfield Village in the last three years of Lalo’s life! It is always fun for me to take Lalo there because I grew up going there with my grandparents and have so many memories there so it is fun to see Lalo making his own memories! 🙂


This last time we went we took our friends Meg, Sophie and Eli and we had a blast!  Lalo was the perfect tour guide from his favorite Steam Engines to the cars and lastly the doll houses!  The museum was a hit and we can’t wait to start exploring the village next week! Hope you enjoy our trip summary!

2014-03-24_0036 2014-03-24_0011 2014-03-24_0010 2014-03-24_0009 2014-03-24_0008 2014-03-24_0007 2014-03-24_0006 2014-03-24_0005 2014-03-24_0004And in the spirit of full disclosure, I’ve realized many of my blog posts could potentially give off the impression that I live a Normal Rockwell picturesque life…. and while I do feel very blessed we have our ups and downs 🙂  SO while we had a wonderful trip and it appears like all of our children were rainbows, unicorns and lollipops in the photos above, it was still a trip with two toddlers and a baby 🙂  So below you will find an non-glamorized real life representation of mommy-hood… the result of our epic meltdown right as we were trying to leave the museum in front of the throngs of middle schoolers who were gathering to return to their schools from the field trip.   Sophie had a bit of a spill accidentally and since Eli was comfy in the stroller I offered her our stroller since Lalo rarely rides in it…. and chaos ensued.  SO it ended with a crying, temper tantrum throwing Lalo being strapped to our stroller, Eli innocently enjoying the show and Meg carrying the toddler out in the Ergo.  Oh mommy-hood.  #arewedoingitright

photoIf there is one thing I am for certain, I am so thankful I have an awesome friend to battle the ups and downs with 🙂


until next week!

run often, smile more!



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