Throwback Thursday: Laura and Erin

UPDATE:  Yes, I know that on Monday Governor Synder halted the Marriage Equality Bill and that it is in appeals, I figure leaving this post as is showing my solidarity… (and laziness to re-write)  But Erin said it best when I contacted them about my disappointment of the overturn that ‘We will win, we just have to be patient’  So patient I will try to be….

View More: Backing on the newly lifted ban on Gay Marriage in Michigan I wanted to share Laura and Erin’s wedding reception from November!   View More:

I was approached by Laura not too long after they planned their New York wedding (so they could get married legally) but they wanted to still have a celebration that both Laura and Erin’s Michigan relatives could be a part of.  I was ecstatic!  My only stipulation was that I still got to do some portraits of the two of them even though this event was still mainly event coverage! 🙂  We had a bit of run for our money as it was cold and dark (yea MI!) and their reception location had about 1,400 parties going on (ok maybe that’s an exaggeration but it certainly felt that way!)  So we stole away for a few moments and snapped this fun series! View More: View More: View More: rest of the evening was filled with fun, family and dancing!  The best kind of party ever! View More: really wanted to get an awesome picture of them dipping- which both were great sports about– even after it ended comically!! Needless to say it was an unforgettable moment and I was pleased I got an epic picture! View More: spent the rest of the night tearing up the dance floor! Thank you guys so much for having me cover your reception- my only regret is that this law hadn’t passed last year so that I could have done your entire event!! 🙂  So thankful that my home state now allows everyone who is in love and wants to make a public statement of their commitment is now permitted to do so legally! View More:


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