What’s Up Wednesday: Baby Tommy


This past week I got to drop by to see one of my oldest friends and her newly expanding family 🙂   

I met Anna shortly after I moved to Saline in middle school.  We had many mutual friends but once we entered high school and more specifically Newspaper Class we were virtually inseparable!  We spent most of our College and post college years together, shopping, drinking coffee talking about boys and then planning weddings and talking about husbands together 🙂 2014-03-24_0001Soon we began talking about babies!! I had Lalo in January 2011 and Miriam (Anna’s first) was born the following January.  Now we get to meet this fantastic little guy, Tommy! 🙂  He is just so precious!  While mothering can sometimes create separation with differing sleep schedules and child play interests I always love that we can pick up right where we left off! 2014-03-24_0002I felt honored I got to spend the afterwork hours with all of them and witness Miriam and Gordon’s tradition of dancing to folk dancing upon his return home!  It was pure bliss! 2014-03-24_0003I am so thankful to be a part of someone so wonderful’s life and to see her babies!  I can’t wait for my guy to get well so we can go hang out again! (another plug for this winter to be on it’s way out!!!)


Until next week- run often, smile more!

AM 🙂


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