Whats Up Wednesday: Sophia!

This past weekend we got to celebrate one of Lalo’s best friends birthdays!!! Sophia turned THREE! 🙂 2014-03-16_0001 Sophia had an awesome Dora themed birthday party and she had a beautiful cake made by Julie Soisson! 2014-03-17_0001 Soph had such a great time with her awesome cake and blowing out the candles!!! 2014-03-17_0002Lalo totally photo bombed their family picture 🙂   He firmly believes Sophie is his cousin, so I guess naturally he would be part of the family photo 😉 2014-03-17_0003We had a great time with awesome friends!!! 2014-03-17_0004Everyone loved the cake!! Meg made some amazing gluten free cookies and cream ice cream!!! (I may have had a [few] bowls!) 2014-03-17_0005Baby Eli even enjoyed the party!!! 🙂 2014-03-17_0006Everyone had a blast! Lalo even took pictures just like Mama 🙂 2014-03-17_0007We had a lot of goofy moments with toddler piles, laughter and of course Umi Zoomi and Dora! 🙂


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