Throwback Thursday: Gordon Family

This throwback Thursday is dedicated my dear friend Ang and her beautiful family!! Her birthday was Sunday!!

2014-03-10_0002We did the Gordon’s photos here in Milan this past fall! There is a beautiful county park right down the street from my house with fantastic trails and even a barn!

2014-03-10_0004 2014-03-10_0003Cam is one of Lalo’s best buds- check out those baby blues!

Look at Cam and his dapper style! 2014-03-10_0006We had so much fun tromping around in the leaves!

2014-03-10_0007 2014-03-10_0010 2014-03-10_0009 2014-03-10_0008

Thanks so much for letting me capture your guys’ life!  Check out Mr. Cameron from the last three years! (and see my logo progress to it’s new awesome-ness!) 2014-03-10_0011


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