Feature Friday: RydeOn Cycling Studio!


March’s feature has taken me a little while to finally get my thoughts down on paper err, keyboard? Any of you that know me personally (or have read my emails) know that I LOVE running and being active; hence my sign off, ‘Run often, smile more’. 🙂 It is something that I acquired a love for in high school (thanks to the fantastic SalineXC crew!) and has followed me through life and has shaped me greatly! The benefits of running are vast but the one I have most enjoyed is being physically and mentally fit allowing me to accomplish whatever I set out to try. Aside from being passionate about running personally, I also love to inspire others to be active too.

2014-03-31_0007two of my favorite running routes captured by my FANTASTIC hubby!

Because I loved running so much, I decided to try spinning back in 2007 during a cold winter shortly before our wedding. I figured it could keep me fit during the winter months while helping me avoid my necessary nemesis the ‘dreadmill’. I instantly fell in love with it and soon was saving up for my first road bike. Much like running, people will tell you about the training, the mental battle and the endurance that is involved with spinning/biking but every single person will tell you about the endorphins and how they outweigh all of those obstacles.

Often the hard part of beginning a fitness regime (or lifestyle as I like to think of it) is the inaccessibility to equipment and a support system. How many times have you said ‘when I lose ten more pounds I’ll go to the gym’ or something along those lines? Or how many of you have signed up for a gym membership only to walk in and feel much like this video (please continue reading after watching! Hah!)

Enter Brigid Lossing! Brigid has an amazing story apart from the start up of the RydeOn Studio. A mother of two, wife to a local firefighter and a cancer survivor, Brigid took what life threw at her and used it as fuel to take her journey to the next level of awesome.

2014-03-31_0001Brigid found herself much like many of us often do; overweight, working a day job and wondering if this was really all of what life could offer. After receiving her stage three colon cancer diagnosis and treatment she decided to not only take control of life but to run (well, spin) with it. Shortly after her second round of chemo Brigid signed up for a six week spinning class at the Saline Rec Center.


“Personally I can relate to the struggle signing up for your first class.” As a self titled ‘Type A’ personality Brigid so beautifully stated what so many people wrestle with. “When you know you’re type A, it is so easy to not begin something simply because we don’t want to push ourselves to do something that we know we cannot do very well.”


At 320 pounds Brigid took the leap of faith and went to her first spin class. She readily admits that she only returned because she had paid the money and didn’t want to waste it. But week after week she returned and not only saw progress but fell in love. Within the year she was encouraged by her spin instructor to consider getting certified to also become an instructor and that was when a seed was planted for a different kind of studio, RydeOn.


There are many gyms and studios in the area that boast their success for weight loss and training. However the dream for RydeOn was not simply a successful studio for the elite to frequent but instead to create an atmosphere of accessibility for people from all walks of fitness to come together and continue on their road of fitness together. The facebook page has the quote ‘Training for Life’ and Brigid hopes the studio will embody exactly that.


“You never know when that seed [of fitness] will take root, but I like to provide a fertile ground.”


And that she does. RydeOn is staffed by knowledgeable instructors who are as passionate about the people who come to workout as they are about fitness. When you walk into the studio there is always one person to help you check in as well as the instructor for the class. The studio is outfitted with 25 top of the line Kesier bikes  and each instructor is Keiser certified in order to help everyone get the best fit for their bike. Spinning classes, like many fitness classes have several different methods of instruction. RydeOn is outfitted with a variety of instructors as well as classes to help meet your individual needs. One of the amazing aspects of spinning is that it is an individual sport that makes room for the positive dynamics of group exercise. With each bike individually controlled you are 100% in control of your own ride. So regardless of your level of fitness you can come and participate and without worry that you cannot keep up!


“Spinning is so different than any other group exercise class because if you walk into a Zumba or Jazzercise class as a new participant it will be obvious that you are new or if you have trouble keeping up with the group. Spinning isn’t like that; here you are only in competition with yourself. With spinning you get all of the benefits that are derived from working towards a similar goal but each goal is personal and you never have to worry about letting anyone down” Brigid shares.


So many people have different reasons for beginning their fitness regime, for some it is a major life event that helps them decide to make a change, for others it is simply a goal (like a wedding or class reunion) regardless of why you want to begin, take that first leap of faith! Register for a class using their online system (it will let the instructor know you are new so they can help you get your bike fitted correctly, the first step to a successful class!!) show up about 15 minutes early, bring your water and settle in for the ride of your life! Walk in rides are $16 and the new client special is $39 for the first month of unlimited rides (your $16 can be applied towards that!) Most clients end up riding 2-3 times a week but some more and some less!

“I wanted to be able to wiggle my nose like bewitched and change my life [for the better].  In a way I did, it just took a lot more energy. Everyone has the ability, you have to figure out how to light the flame and more importantly that you are worth it.”


Hope to see you soon at a ride!!! I love the early morning ones personally! 🙂 Until then, Run Often (spin often) and smile more!

-Amanda 🙂



Throwback Thursday: Laura and Erin

UPDATE:  Yes, I know that on Monday Governor Synder halted the Marriage Equality Bill and that it is in appeals, I figure leaving this post as is showing my solidarity… (and laziness to re-write)  But Erin said it best when I contacted them about my disappointment of the overturn that ‘We will win, we just have to be patient’  So patient I will try to be….

View More: http://amandamaephotography.pass.us/sullivanPiggy Backing on the newly lifted ban on Gay Marriage in Michigan I wanted to share Laura and Erin’s wedding reception from November!   View More: http://amandamaephotography.pass.us/sullivan

I was approached by Laura not too long after they planned their New York wedding (so they could get married legally) but they wanted to still have a celebration that both Laura and Erin’s Michigan relatives could be a part of.  I was ecstatic!  My only stipulation was that I still got to do some portraits of the two of them even though this event was still mainly event coverage! 🙂  We had a bit of run for our money as it was cold and dark (yea MI!) and their reception location had about 1,400 parties going on (ok maybe that’s an exaggeration but it certainly felt that way!)  So we stole away for a few moments and snapped this fun series! View More: http://amandamaephotography.pass.us/sullivan View More: http://amandamaephotography.pass.us/sullivan View More: http://amandamaephotography.pass.us/sullivanThe rest of the evening was filled with fun, family and dancing!  The best kind of party ever! View More: http://amandamaephotography.pass.us/sullivanI really wanted to get an awesome picture of them dipping- which both were great sports about– even after it ended comically!! Needless to say it was an unforgettable moment and I was pleased I got an epic picture! View More: http://amandamaephotography.pass.us/sullivanWe spent the rest of the night tearing up the dance floor! Thank you guys so much for having me cover your reception- my only regret is that this law hadn’t passed last year so that I could have done your entire event!! 🙂  So thankful that my home state now allows everyone who is in love and wants to make a public statement of their commitment is now permitted to do so legally! View More: http://amandamaephotography.pass.us/sullivan

What’s Up Wednesday: Baby Tommy


This past week I got to drop by to see one of my oldest friends and her newly expanding family 🙂   

I met Anna shortly after I moved to Saline in middle school.  We had many mutual friends but once we entered high school and more specifically Newspaper Class we were virtually inseparable!  We spent most of our College and post college years together, shopping, drinking coffee talking about boys and then planning weddings and talking about husbands together 🙂 2014-03-24_0001Soon we began talking about babies!! I had Lalo in January 2011 and Miriam (Anna’s first) was born the following January.  Now we get to meet this fantastic little guy, Tommy! 🙂  He is just so precious!  While mothering can sometimes create separation with differing sleep schedules and child play interests I always love that we can pick up right where we left off! 2014-03-24_0002I felt honored I got to spend the afterwork hours with all of them and witness Miriam and Gordon’s tradition of dancing to folk dancing upon his return home!  It was pure bliss! 2014-03-24_0003I am so thankful to be a part of someone so wonderful’s life and to see her babies!  I can’t wait for my guy to get well so we can go hang out again! (another plug for this winter to be on it’s way out!!!)


Until next week- run often, smile more!

AM 🙂

Throwback Thursday: Sarah and Jeremy Purely Love Session

This week’s Throwback Thursday features Sarah and Jeremy!  2014-03-17_0008I was lucky enough to be connected with this fantastic couple through the stellar ladies at Two Foot Creative!! 2014-03-17_0009Sarah and Jeremy live on the West Coast but originally met at University of Michigan!  They came back for Thanksgiving and we had a fantastic engagement session!  It was pretty cold outside but they weathered it like champs! 2014-03-17_0010Since it was so cold we were able to go inside the Matthaei Botanical Gardens Conservatory to warm up!  Their June wedding will take place in the gardens! 🙂 2014-03-17_0011Their love is so apparent!  We talked about all of their adventures together and the many road trips they’ve taken!  It was such a fun time getting to know them as a couple and individually!  2014-03-17_0012I am so excited to spend their big day with them and I hope it warms up by then! 😉 2014-03-17_0013

Whats Up Wednesday: Sophia!

This past weekend we got to celebrate one of Lalo’s best friends birthdays!!! Sophia turned THREE! 🙂 2014-03-16_0001 Sophia had an awesome Dora themed birthday party and she had a beautiful cake made by Julie Soisson! 2014-03-17_0001 Soph had such a great time with her awesome cake and blowing out the candles!!! 2014-03-17_0002Lalo totally photo bombed their family picture 🙂   He firmly believes Sophie is his cousin, so I guess naturally he would be part of the family photo 😉 2014-03-17_0003We had a great time with awesome friends!!! 2014-03-17_0004Everyone loved the cake!! Meg made some amazing gluten free cookies and cream ice cream!!! (I may have had a [few] bowls!) 2014-03-17_0005Baby Eli even enjoyed the party!!! 🙂 2014-03-17_0006Everyone had a blast! Lalo even took pictures just like Mama 🙂 2014-03-17_0007We had a lot of goofy moments with toddler piles, laughter and of course Umi Zoomi and Dora! 🙂

Throwback Thursday: Gordon Family

This throwback Thursday is dedicated my dear friend Ang and her beautiful family!! Her birthday was Sunday!!

2014-03-10_0002We did the Gordon’s photos here in Milan this past fall! There is a beautiful county park right down the street from my house with fantastic trails and even a barn!

2014-03-10_0004 2014-03-10_0003Cam is one of Lalo’s best buds- check out those baby blues!

Look at Cam and his dapper style! 2014-03-10_0006We had so much fun tromping around in the leaves!

2014-03-10_0007 2014-03-10_0010 2014-03-10_0009 2014-03-10_0008

Thanks so much for letting me capture your guys’ life!  Check out Mr. Cameron from the last three years! (and see my logo progress to it’s new awesome-ness!) 2014-03-10_0011

What’s Up Wednesday: Dentist!

We got to go to the dentist this past week and unlike when I was a kid going to the dentist is FUN 🙂

2014-03-08_0004We are so blessed to have an amazing dentist with a fantastic staff!  If you are in the Ann Arbor/Saline area and in the market for a dentist we highly encourage you to check out Dr Lesch!
2014-03-08_0005Lalo *loves* to brush his teeth and make them sparkle!  Dr Lesch and her fabulous hygienist Debbie used an awesome tool that helped us see how Lalo has been brushing (and turned his teeth blue which Lalo loved!)

2014-03-08_0006Then he got them all polished and cleaned!

2014-03-08_0007Lalo was so great he even was able to get some xrays done!  You can see him ‘smiling’ for the camera 🙂  and even got a bouncy ball as her prize!

Thanks so much Dr. Lesch for taking such great care of us and for now helping us take care of Lalo! 🙂

Until next week…. Run often, smile more!