What’s Up Wednesday: I Gotta Dollar

So not much has been going on around here other than pure stir craziness… so Lalo and I decided to look through his baby book to take a walk down memory lane (and maybe update it since it hasn’t been done since his first birthday……)

When we were looking through it he wanted me to read nearly every card he has ever received which was fun AND produced a one dollar bill we forgot about!!  So, being three that dollar burned a hole in his pocket ALL day until we decided to go to dollar tree that night!

2014-02-27_0001It is fun to see how exciting a dollar is to a three year old! 2014-02-27_0002we walked around dollar tree for about thirty minutes as he hummed and ho-ed about which toy he wanted and how he could only choose one…2014-02-27_0003In the end he choose a PACK of toys that came with four so he could get more!!! Hah! such a smarty pants!  Unfortunately the toys are not well made so I guess we will soon learn the difference of quality versus quantity….  😉 2014-02-27_0004 He is one happy boy and I am proud to be his mama!! Even if we are a stir crazy duo!  🙂



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