Throwback Thursday: Laugen Family!

This week I bring you the Laugens!!!! I figure for this throwback thursday it is appropriate because the Laugens moved to Michigan this past summer from Arizona…. to endure their first winter, one of our loooongest winters in the history of winters!   So, with March (and spring!!) just around the corner, I wanted to feature them to remind them that Michigan can be beautiful 🙂   (and we are all cheering for spring, it isn’t just you 😉 )2014-02-19_0001The girls were troopers!!! Which is really rare at their ages!  It was so great to get some really fun pictures 🙂 2014-02-19_0003Look at (BOTH!) those baby blues!2014-02-19_0005 2014-02-19_0006 2014-02-19_0007

We really had a quintessential Michigan fall day!! Sunny, just a touch warm with your jacket on and crisp leaves everywhere! 2014-02-19_0008 2014-02-19_0009You guys were such a blast and I am so thankful to be your Michigan Photographer! 🙂  It will warm up!  I promise!! ❤ 2014-02-19_0010


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