What’s Up Wednesday: BREAD!

What’s Up Wednesday this week…. some yummy bread!

Many of you know I eat gluten free, so I personally do not eat much bread.  But Lalo and Rico- well that’s a different matter 🙂  they happen to be of the bread loving types.  I used to just buy whatever store bought bread was on sale but as we have been trying to eat more whole foods I have been amazed at the amount of ingredients in store bought bread, even the ‘healthier’ versions (to which Rico informed me were not that great 😉 )  SO I decided to take their bread into my own hands… of sorts.  Thanks to a good friend’s recipe (YAY ANG!) I was finally able to make some great sandwich worthy bread! (believe me- I had some failures before we had some winners! 🙂 )

So as we perfected our recipe and decided we would ‘invest’ in our bread making ingredients so we bought a 50lb bag of bread flour!

2014-02-17_0001I kind of felt like we were on little house on the prairie or something with the sheer amount of flour.  I thought we had enough containers but we fell a little short so we still have some left in the bag! 2014-02-17_0002Lalo was our helper cleaning up all of the flour that was on the floor.
2014-02-17_0003 2014-02-17_0004I use a bread maker to make our sandwhich bread! It is super easy, basically dump everything in and push a button!  I have also enjoyed making more artisan type bread for the past several years.  Whenever we have a dinner party to go to I always make some form of yummy bread from their first book and it’s always a hit!  Rico has been asking me to attempt an asiago cheese bread- so this week I did! 2014-02-17_0005Chani was my tireless cheerleader, it even looks like she was practicing yoga! hah! 2014-02-17_0006This recipe was a bit more tricky than the breadmaker one in that there were many steps, but thanks to my kitchen aid mixer it worked out well! 2014-02-17_0008As you can see- I have a thing for the color orange 🙂

The bread came out pretty good for a first try!  A little darker than we had hoped but in order to get it cooked all the way through we had to keep it in longer than anticipated.  In the future I think I will use some ceramic bread pans and hopefully that will make it cook a little more evenly!  🙂


Above are the two finished products!!! Smelled super yummy! (rico told me they tasted yummy!)

Thanks for stopping by my What’s Up Wednesday post! 🙂  Until next week!

-Run often, smile more!


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