Throwback Thursday: Lozen Family! :)

While I have officially only known the Lozen Family for about three years, I feel like Amy and I are old soul friends 🙂  I am not sure if you remember this past spring when I featured her daughter Lexi This year I got to do a special type of session- a year in review 🙂

Begin Fall- a family of four! 2014-02-12_0001These are some of my favorite images of the whole session! 2014-02-12_0002 2014-02-12_0003Jack and Lexi being awesome! 2014-02-12_0004I just love the following series- it so represents the relationships of Jack and Lexi with Phil and Amy.  Just beautiful! 2014-02-12_0005 2014-02-12_0006 2014-02-12_0007Enter winter- time for a maternity session! 🙂 (as you can see a teeny baby bump sneak peek in the fall session!) 2014-02-12_0011 2014-02-12_0012

Amy wanted a snowy maternity session and we were worried we may not have snow this year (since Ben was due in January…) however we were SO wrong! haha! We had several opportunities but used one of our (first) *big* snowfalls in December!  It was big fat fluffy flakes and amazing! 2014-02-12_0013 2014-02-12_0014Amy was a legit trooper! It was maybe 5 degrees outside! 2014-02-12_0015Some post birth photos when baby Ben was zero days new! 2014-02-12_0010

Their family was absolutely glowing! 2014-02-12_0009 2014-02-12_0008And last but not least, newborn photos!!!  As you can see, their family is just perfect!!! Cannot wait to do some more beautiful portraits of this amazing family of FIVE!!! 2014-02-12_0016 2014-02-12_0019 2014-02-12_0018 2014-02-12_0017Thank you guys for being such a beautiful family and for trusting me with your portraits!!!


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