What’s Up Wednesday: Swimming

Anyone who knows our family knows we LOVE swimming!  To say love is pretty much an understatement.

Lalo was born in January but from the time the pool in our neighborhood opened in May of 2011 until the time it closed it is safe to say we spent every.single.day.there…

When we stumbled upon Ann Arbor’s Goldfish Swim School we were ecstatic to find an atmosphere that loved water as much as we did!

Lalo began lessons there last year when he had just turned two and he loved it.  We were in lessons that included one parent in the water with each child for the entirety of the class.  He learned many vital skills that aided in swimming as well as water safety and just over all comfort in water.  Since Lalo has been a water baby since birth he was able to coast through these classes with ease and enjoyment.

This year, however, since he turned 3  he was enrolled in the ‘big boy classes’ where he is with a few students a teacher and no parents in the water.  As a mom,  I was terrified.  While the Goldfish staff are spectacular, I have never let Lalo be in a pool without me close by, ever.  So the first class when I dropped him off in the pool, I snapped a quick picture with my iphone and hurried back to the parents area behind the glass praying for a good class.

2014-02-04_0001( Wonky Iphone picture! )

Lalo was totally fine and continued to wave at me throughout the class.  I sat there and stared at my baby who was learning to do things independently of me; it was both a proud mama moment and a sad mama moment.  Inevitably my baby boy would grow up and it was taking place right before my eyes.

Lalo struggled in the first class.  Learning to sit still and listen to instruction all while learning harder swimming skills but ultimately he succeeded.  He has an excellent teacher with the patience of a saint.  With every new step there are growing pains and he took them in stride.  After a second class I knew I had to bring my ‘real’ camera to capture some of these moments.  I’m not saying Lalo will be the next Michael Phelps… but he certainly was rocking my world of three  year old swimmers and I wanted to make sure that we never forget these moments!  So this past week I brought my camera and to my astonishment Lalo managed to take the next step in swimming right as I was snapping pictures!

On January 30 Lalo swam over 5 feet independently!!!!! He still has a long way to go to be ‘independent’ in the water.  But he is sure on his way!  He is strong, determined and overwhelmingly spirited!  So as you scroll through the images I hope you will allow me to boast with some mama pride for my boy!

If you are looking for a great place to learn to swim that invokes a healthy respect for the water while taking strides to aid students in independence in the water, Goldfish is the place to do it!

2014-02-03_0001Lalo has never liked goggles, but is learning to keep them on…. sometimes 🙂 2014-02-03_0002I think his favorite part is getting to jump off the wall and make big splashes!

2014-02-03_0003He is such an amazing kid, I am so lucky to be his mama!

2014-02-03_0004 2014-02-03_0005Beaming with pride after he received his first ribbon!

2014-02-03_0006 Check it out!!! ‘I Swam Independently’ Ribbon! 2014-02-03_0007Thanks for stopping in and checking in on what’s going on in our corner of cyberspace!! Come back and check what’s up next Wednesday!

run often, smile more!
Amanda 🙂


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