What’s Up Wednesday: Baby Ben Herman

This Wednesday I am going to introduce you to one of my dear friends from high school and her wee babe!  Monica and Dan welcomed their little Benjamin into the world December 29!  He was born perfectly and pretty swiftly too! I had hoped to meet him much sooner but inclement weather kept me away until this past week!  He is so alert and was pretty happy for our visit though like most newborns, has his own agenda 😉 🙂 2014-01-27_0001

Everyone was doing very well and both Monica and Dan fell very naturally into their new parenting roles 🙂 2014-01-27_0002

Dan was at work when Lalo and I first arrived but returned home shortly after.  You could tell he missed his Ben! 2014-01-27_0003 2014-01-27_0004 2014-01-27_0005 2014-01-27_0006So excited that I finally got to meet the little guy and even more happy that I was able to snap some awesome pictures!! 🙂  Lalo cannot wait to play cars with Ben and to see his train that is in his back yard again! 😉 🙂


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