Betsy and Clay 9.14.13

Back blogging! Finally getting around to blogging some of my fall weddings that all snuck up on me!

This is the fabulous wedding of Betsy and Clay!  They met by chance on an airplane in Arizona and in a whirlwind romance landed in Lowell for an amazing backyard wedding!  2014-01-20_0001 2014-01-20_0002Betsy was absolutely stunning!!  She was surrounded by a fabulous group of bridesmaids and friends to help her tackle the day with ease!

2014-01-20_0004 Betsy and Clay wanted to have a first look, but have them both be surprised instead of the typical first look in which the bride walks up to the groom and surprises him.  A bridesmaid found this amazing balloon release on pintrest and the results were breath taking! 2014-01-20_00052014-01-20_0010Aside from the beautiful location, every single detail was taken into account.  Not only was it executed perfectly, nearly everything was created by her Dad!! An excellent craftsmen and carpenter he made every wood table center piece and even had built the house their ceremony prominently displayed!


2014-01-20_0006 2014-01-20_0007Their ceremony was performed by Betsy’s great friend Karen and their love was evident in the way the looked at each other and how Clay could not stay far from his beautiful bride!

2014-01-20_0008   We were able to sneak away with the bridal party to a local historic bridge!  We managed to dodge (several) senior portrait sessions and the Fall Festival to have some time to celebrate Betsy and Clay’s love and excitement!

2014-01-20_0011 2014-01-20_0012 2014-01-20_0013Betsy found awesome ways to tie in their colors between purple stripped socks for the men and this awesome purple umbrella!  Really, every detail was amazing!

2014-01-20_0014On our way back to their reception we took the backroads due to the congestion of the Fall Festival and we could not have been more pleasantly surprised!  We jumped out and grabbed these awesome country road portraits!

2014-01-20_0015Betsy has the most amazing dog Louie!  He was so well behaved and never wanted to stray far from his momma’s side!  We wanted to include him in some of our pictures and he obliged complete with a matching purple bowtie!

2014-01-20_0016 2014-01-20_0017 As evening set in there were luminaries placed along side the pond and resulted in an amazingly beautiful reception site! 2014-01-20_0018 2014-01-20_0019Both Clay and Betsy had some amazing dance moves to show off and once the party got started it didn’t stop until the wee hours!

2014-01-20_0020 2014-01-20_0021Thank you both so much for having me as a part of your day!!! I had such a blast photographing your day and I could not be more pleased with the results!!!


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