Jason and Anna 7/27/13

This couple is beautiful!!! Inside and out! I had the pleasure of meeting Jason and Anna through Jason’s sister Sarah whom I went to high school with and had the pleasure of photographing her wedding last fall!!

Jason and Anna hired me shortly after Sarah and Nates wedding and we began our relationship off with a bang at their Comerica Park engagement session! 

I would say all brides put a lot of thought into their wedding, but Anna took it to the next level!  She themed their wedding with Polka Dots and Gerber Daisys and she had it down to the last detail! (She even had a polka dotted bikini for their honeymoon!!)


I had such a blast connecting with the Trojan family again as well as seeing many dear friends- this is one loved couple!  Thanks for choosing me to capture your day!! ❤


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Church: St. Ediths

Reception: Plymouth Manor




2 thoughts on “Jason and Anna 7/27/13

  1. Anna Trojan says:

    This is AMAZING! We could not be happier! Thank you for doing such an incredible job! In addition to our memories, this is what we will be keeping with us throughout our lives. Thank you for visually documenting one of the most special days of our lives!

  2. Stu Baker says:

    Anna, Thank you for sharing your special day through this beautiful album. Every detail was perfect. There is only one word that I can think of that describes your day and that is exquisite! Best wishes for a wonderful marriage. -Stu

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