Sheri’s 60th Birthday Bash!

This past weekend I had the honor of photographing Sheri’s birthday party.  It was not simply just a party, but a celebration of Life.

While Sheri is a breast cancer survivor she does not let simply the overcoming of a disease define her.  Sheri is a beautiful array of family, charity, energy and relationships.  Just a few short hours with this family and I was blown away by their generosity and vibrancy.

This party was not simply to celebrate Sheri but instead all life.  As a board member of  NorthStar Reach her kids and husband took the time to incorporate fundraising into the event to commemorate Sheri.  Guests and Family members were able to raise an incredible amount of money to help begin construction of this camp that specializes in a summer camp experience for kids with serious illnesses.

Bar none, this party had every detail covered.  It was hosted on the beautiful Portage Lake by some wonderful friends, there were balloon animals and hats; caricatures, carnival-like entertainment, DJ music courtesy of Sheri’s son, an immense spread of delicious food and even an ice cream cart!

The love for Sheri was ever-present in the toasts, the dancing and through out every detail the celebration.  A personal favorite was when her granddaughters sang a song for her that they had written!

With well over 150 guests attending, everyone was family and by the time I left I felt as though I was included.

If you would like to donate to help support such an amazing camp, go here.

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Food: Moveable Feast

Flowers: Norton’s

Caricatures: Goofy Faces

Entertainment: Bacchanal Promotions

Balloons: 3 Generations Twisters


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