Purely Senior 2.0

So I know I posted a short post announcing my new line of Purely Senior

But I wanted to do a little bit longer of a post featuring the WONDERFUL models I have had the past few weeks.  Now let me explain, these are not runway models, these are some amazing students from Milan, Saline and Arbor Prep.  They are every day swimmers, baby sitters, runners and teens!  If you love what you see please give me a call pronto!  Wedding season is launching and I want to make sure to get you a slot before the summer flies by!!!! ❤ 734.330.3311blog Page 1 blog Page 2 blog Page 3 blog Page 4 blog Page 5 blog Page 6 blog Page 7 blog Page 8 bblog Page 1 bblog Page 4 bblog Page 3  ivyblog Page 3 ivyblog Page 4       ivyblog Page 1ivyblog Page 6 ivyblog Page 5 ivyblog Page 2maggeeblog Page 5 maggeeblog Page 4 maggeeblog Page 3 maggeeblog Page 2 maggeeblog Page 1


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