Spring has officially sprung in Michigan and I am so incredibly thankful.  It has been a long winter and to say I am happy to see the sun and buds is a huge understatement.

I was lucky to be able to attend the first Ann Arbor Share Society  last night hosted at Zingerman’s Events on Fourth an amazing venue with fantastic speakers (and hosts!)  But that is another post for another time!!!
One of the discussions last night was to keep the art alive in your work as well as your soul.  I am 100% guilty of falling into the trap of shooting simply for pay and forgetting about feeding my artist’s soul.  Mulling over everything this morning during my run I ran through a beautiful flowered arch that just bloomed and I was instantly inspired.  Thankfully I have an amazing friend who was more than willing to supply her gorgeous daughter complete with ballet uniforms for my artistic inspiration!  THANK YOU!!!!

What initially drew me to this shoot was the AMAZING color.  But as the shoot progressed it was more about the innocence and purity of her spirit (which matches my brand, pure photography, purely you!… yea!) but I am torn- the black and whites are beautiful but the color in this shoot is AMAZING… so I leave you with some of each!

elexiblog2 Page 2 elexiblog2 Page 3 elexiblog2 Page 4 elexiblog2 Page 5 elexiblog2 Page 6


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